What is Portugal Golden Visa?

The Portugal Golden Visa is a residential visa offered to non-European Union citizens who invest significantly in Portugal. Portugal is a Schengen country with an excellent reputation in Europe and many investment opportunities. It is considered one of the world’s most globalised and peaceful nations, offers a higher quality of life and stays high on the Human Development Index ranking. It is among the oldest countries in Europe, with a rich history, lively culture, stunning beaches, exceptional cuisine, and idyllic countryside. Portugal has greater things to offer its citizens, including the best opportunities for higher studies, advanced medical facilities, delicious cuisines, and world-class adventurous sites.

It has many immigration programs to attract skilled workers and high-net-worth investors. Citizenship by Investment Program is amongst the popular programmes in European countries to attract top investors. Portugal has a residency by investment program called Portugal Golden Visa, which eventually can lead to citizenship.

Popular scheme

Portugal Golden Visa has proven to be the most popular scheme in Europe, with flexibility and cost benefits attracting investors worldwide. Portugal introduced the concept in 2012, laying the foundation for other countries such as Spain and Greece. After the 2008 recession, the main motto was to attract more capital into the country to boost the economy. The successful program raised over €6 billion since then.

The question comes to mind What is Portugal Golden Visa?

The Portugal Golden Visa is a residential visa offered to non-European Union citizens who invest significantly in Portugal. The investment can be by purchasing real estate property, making a capital investment, or expanding business to create employment opportunities for locals. The minimum Investment required in Portugal to get eligible for citizenship is EUR 200,000/-.

Benefits of a Portuguese Golden Visa

Portugal’s Golden Visa benefits have helped establish it as the world’s foremost residency-by-investment program. They include:

  • It is a speedy process to obtain permanent residence and citizenship in a European Country like Portugal. It takes only 6 to 9 months for an application to be processed, which is significantly less time than other countries’ citizenship programs.
  • The residence permit allows visa-free access to Schengen Area in Europe and the right to work, study and live in Portugal.
  • Become eligible to apply for citizenship in Portugal after five years of residency while keeping your native country’s citizenship. After availing of Citizenship in Portugal, you will be permitted to travel to over 175 countries, including Europe’s Schengen Area.
  • Just seven days minimum physical presence is required in the first year of residency in Portugal and two weeks for the two successive years, which can count towards eligibility for citizenship after five years.
  • Easy and basic rules for dependents are being followed, which
  • include spouses, children under the age of 22, and parents.
  • Quality international and Portuguese schools and universities
  • Top-notch healthcare facilities
  • No tax on worldwide income

Secure your Investment

As a Portuguese Golden Visa applicant, you have the right to stay and work in Portugal, but there is no requirement. The country offers a favourable tax regime if you relocate to Portugal. The Portuguese passport allows you to live, work, and study anywhere within the European Union. The best benefit of having Citizenship Investment in Portugal is you will have a secured investment that is recognised all around the globe. With all the above benefits, you will be able to enjoy the best quality of life, cuisine, adventure, climate, and all of that in a top secure and safe place.

Portugal’s Citizenship is also easy, and the requirement to stay in the country is lower. However, a candidate may have to prove accommodation in Portugal, a steady income, and knowledge of the Portuguese language, at least on a fundamental level.

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