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    Country Overview

    The United States is a country with 50 states covering a vast region of North America. Also known as the United States of America, the country has been a nation of immigrants throughout its history. The country is governed by a federal constitutional republic and has a highly diverse population. Since the inception of the 20th century, the USA has fixed itself as a worldwide leader despite its history dating back to the 16th century. The country has been a founding member of several major international organisations, such as the United Nations, World Bank, IMF and NATO, to name a few. The country welcomes immigrants, and US Immigrant Investor Program is one pathway to acquiring US permanent residency and citizenship.

    About the Country in Numbers

    United States in Numbers

    The USA is the world’s fourth significant country in terms of land mass and third largest in population. With a strong economy and military behind it, the USA is often called the land of opportunities. A United State investment Visa is an opportunity to do business in the USA. The country is usually divided into six regions and has varied scenery. Alaska and Hawaii are both separated from the main part of the country. Washington D.C. is the national capital, although New York is the largest city, and California is the most populous state. The U.S. does not have any official language, even though English is widely spoken across the country.

    332 millionPopulation

    EconomyMixed Economy

    US DollarsCurrency

    GMT-4Time Zone


    About USA residence by investment

    The EB-5 Program, administered by USCIS (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services), was introduced in the year 1990 for investors or entrepreneurs who wish to immigrate to the United States permanently by obtaining a green card. The US authorities introduced the program to attract new and qualified investors to the North American country and insert foreign capital investment into the US economy, thereby creating new jobs.

    The government allocates many visas for foreigners who want to make a meaningful, qualified investment in the USA. The program permits the investors to secure a green card for themselves, unmarried children under 21 and spouses.

    Here at DM Citizenship by Investment, we specialise in proceeding applications through our specialised USA residence by investment application processing service.

    Requirements of US residence by investment

    US residence by investment qualification requires the foreign entrepreneur or investor to inject money in a new enterprise established commercially either post-November 29, 1990 or on the same date. Still, it has been reorganised/ restructured/ increased by 40% in either net worth or employee count. The enterprise should be associated with government-approved regional centres based on proposals for promoting economic growth.

    The investor must be a minimum of 21 years of age. The investor must prove that the investment funds are available and collected via legal sources by producing genuine documents.

    To apply for USA EB5 Investor Visa from Dubai, you need the fulfil the following requirements:

    • Invest USD 1,050,000 into a non-targeted employment area project or inject USD 800,000 into a targeted employment project in a rural area or with a high unemployment rate.
    • Generate ten full-time long-term jobs for qualified workers in the USA.

    The successful applicants receive a green card, and the funds remain invested until the applicant is granted permanent resident status (roughly five years).

    Program Highlights

    • Investment

      USD 500,000 is the Minimum Investment Required (Under Regional Center Investment)

    • Route to Citizenship

      The EB-5 visa is the fastest pathway for securing a U.S. permanent residence and citizenship. The PR holders can become eligible for citizenship within just five years.

    • Dependents

      The applicant can add their spouse and children under 18 as dependents.
      Benefits of the EB-5 Investor Program

    Benefits of the US EB-5 Investor Program

    The US EB-5 investor visa program is the fastest route for investors to get permanent residence and citizenship in the country. Additionally, with the EB-5 visa, there is no requirement for sponsorship, and the investors have a good chance of profiting from the investment they make in the country.

    • No minimum educational qualification requirement
    • No language testing
    • No business or management experience required
    • No mandatory requirement to reside in an investment area
    • Funding may come from gifts, business ownership, inheritance, or other legal enterprises.

    The applicant, spouse, and dependent children under 21 are eligible for US Residence by investment program.

    Available Investment Options

    • Commercial Enterprise

      The applicants have many investment choices when choosing the commercial enterprise option. Apart from investing USD 1,000,000 or an investment of USD 500,000 in a new enterprise within a specific commercial region, applicants must also manage their daily operations actively and all facets of their business operations.

    • Regional Center

      By choosing this option, the applicant must make a minimum donation of USD 500,000. Aside from the investment requirement, the applicant cannot fulfil any educational qualifications and language proficiency requirements. The applicants can reside anywhere within the country, not just in the state where they invested. DM can guide you in detail for Residence by Investment from Dubai.

    Documents Required for USA EB5 Investor Visa

    • Passport
    • Partnership agreement and organisational details
    • Business License
    • Proof of investment capital
    • Authentic evidence of source of investment
    • A statement of position or title and a description of duties
    • Detailed Business Plan

    The EB-5 investors need an approved I-526 petition stating that they have started the U.S. business investment process. Contact DM, the leading Residence Planning advisor in UAE, for more details about the documents required

    The DM Difference

    Here at D.M. Citizenship by Investment, our experts specialise in providing tailored residency and citizenship-by-investment solutions to help clients acquire their goals. We shall help you in making the best investment decisions. Our consultants will recommend you a suitable residency or citizenship program, assist in application processing and give timely advice. Our consultants are by your side at every step. We are the best Residence by Investment consultant in UAE due to the following:


    We are a global business immigration consultant with a presence across three continents.


    The D.M. team comprises industry experts in the investment and immigration sector with decades of experience.


    We are a government-authorised business immigration consultant with each country we represent.

    1000+ Successful Applications

    DM has helped in processing thousands of successful residency by investment applications to date from clients around the globe.

    Our Services

    • Documentation

      Our U.S. Business Immigration experts shall help you prepare all the documents and your application per the country’s policies and program guidelines.

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      We strive to deliver a hassle-free service wherein the number of touchpoints from contacting us to receiving your U.S. visa is minimal. Register online today to avail our services.

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      Once all is good. We’ll formally apply on your behalf and shall be with your every step of the way.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on USA EB5 Investor Visa

    Green card holders can become naturalised citizens of the United States, making the entire process much more manageable. If you own a green card, it means you are legally a permanent resident of the United States already.
    The US EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program process is as under:
    • Select a qualifying EB-5 project.
    • File your investor petition (Form I-526).
    • Get conditional permanent residence in the USA (a Green Card) for two years by submitting a Form I-485 within the U.S. or
    • filing a Form DS-260 if in the native country.
    • File Form I-829 to remove conditions on permanent residency.
    Yes, investment capital can come from the funds disbursed by a lender. However, the loan should not be borrowed by the investment project. Contact D.M. for more information. We work with expert immigration lawyers who can give you a clear direction.
    USA EB5 Investor Visa is permanent and permits a holder to work and live anywhere in the USA. Dependent children are allowed to attend universities in the U.S. at lower rates. There are no language proficiency requirements. After five years with an EB-5, the holder can apply as a U.S. citizen.
    You can leave the USA for up to six months at a stretch, but if you reside outside the country for one year or more, you will need a re-entry. Contact us for more information. Our immigration lawyer can advise on the matter.
    Usually, most investments have provisions for returning the investor capital to the applicant denied a visa. However, the terms and conditions of those provisions vary. Contact Residence by Investment consultant in UAE to get a clear picture of the legal process for a refund.

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    We assists international clients in obtaining residence and citizenship under the respective programs.

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