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    Dominica – Overview of the Country

    Dominica is a modest island country located in the Caribbean Sea, between the French islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. It has a population of around 73,000 and is the youngest island in the Lesser Antilles chain. With its rocky coastline, lush rainforests, and mountains, Dominica is often known as the “Nature Island of the Caribbean.” Dominica is an independent nation that is a member of the Commonwealth. Its capital city is Roseau, located on the island’s southwestern coast. The official language of Dominica is English though French and Creole are also spoken. The official currency of Dominica is the East Caribbean dollar.

    Dominica’s economy relies primarily on agriculture, forestry, and tourism. Dominica is one of the world’s leading producers of bananas and other fruits. The island also produces cocoa, coffee, and spices exported to global markets. Dominica’s rugged terrain and lush vegetation make it a popular tourist destination, particularly for eco-tourism activities like hiking, bird watching, and whale watching. Dominica is a politically stable country with a democratic government. It is a member of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, the Caribbean Community, and the United Nations. It is also part of the British Commonwealth.

    Dominica offers a unique cultural experience to its visitors. The island is home to the Kalinago people, the original occupants’ descendants. Their culture is still alive today, and visitors can experience it through traditional music, art, and craft markets. Additionally, the island features many festivals and events throughout the year that celebrate its vibrant culture. Overall, Dominica is an incredibly diverse and beautiful country. It offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience its culture, wildlife, and stunning landscapes. It is home to many luxury resorts and boutique resorts. Whether searching for a family vacation or an adventure-filled getaway, Dominica is the perfect destination to live and invest in.


    Agriculture & Tourism

    Eastern Caribbean Dollar

    Time Zone

    English, Dominican Creole, & French

    About Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program

    Dominica Citizenship by Investment was established in 1993. The Caribbean citizenship program enables investors to acquire Dominica citizenship and work in any member state of the Commonwealth. The program offers several investment options, including a government donation, investment in real estate, or an approved business. In return for their investment, applicants receive the full rights and privileges of citizenship in Dominica, including the right to live, work, and study in any Commonwealth country.

    In addition to the economic benefits of obtaining citizenship by investment in Dominica, investors also gain access to the nation’s world-class healthcare services, high quality of life, and favourable tax regime. The country has no capital gains, estate, or inheritance taxes, making it an attractive destination for investors. The Citizenship by Investment Dominica is designed to attract foreign investment, create employment and support the nation’s economic development. It is an excellent choice for those looking to acquire citizenship in a Commonwealth country and enjoy all its benefits.

    Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program Highlights

    Dominican Government Authority, Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU), manages Citizenship by Investment Program. The program highlights are:

    • Investments

      A minimum investment of $100,000 is required, which is a contribution to Dominica Economy Diversification Fund.

    • Process Time

      There is a fast processing time of approximately 4 months for the qualified applicants for this program.

    • Mobility

      Through Dominica passport by investment, you can enjoy visa-free travel to more than 130 countries, including the UK, the Schengen area, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

    • Dependents

      Applicants can also apply for their dependents under 30 and parents over 55.

    Benefits of Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program

    Successful investors can enjoy the following benefits under the Dominica Citizenship by Investment programme.

    • Visa-free travel to over 130 countries, including the Schengen Area
    • Access to world-class healthcare and education systems
    • Low taxation, no wealth, inheritance, or capital gains taxes
    • Right to live and work in any Commonwealth country
    • The country recognises dual citizenship
    • Ability to pass on citizenship to future generations without any hassle
    • Citizenship can be obtained within 4 months
    • No need to renounce current citizenship
    • No physical residence requirements.

    Dominica Citizenship by Investment is a great way to gain access to the many benefits of owning a passport from a Commonwealth nation. Investors can diversify their portfolios through citizenship by investment scheme, gain more freedom, and access more opportunities in Dominica.

    Investment Options in Dominica

    There are no physical residency requirements for investment, although government encourages more economic engagement from new residents on the beautiful island.

    • Non-Refundable Contribution to NDF

      Minimum Investment: $100,000

      A contribution of US$100,000 is non-refundable to the National Diversification Fund held by the government of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

    • Real Estate Investment

      Minimum Investment: $200,000

      Investors also have the option of Dominica citizenship by investment real estate with the purchase of a pre-approved property with a minimum value of $200,000. The Caribbean Island has many options for real estate projects.

    Application Process

    Obtaining Dominica citizenship by investment is straightforward and can be completed in just 4 months. The application process involves the following steps:

    • Prequalification Check

      The first step is determining whether an applicant meets the basic eligibility requirements for the program.

    • Application

      After prequalification, the qualified individual must submit a completed application form and supporting documents.

    • Due Diligence

      The due diligence process assesses applicants’ backgrounds to ensure they meet the necessary criteria.

    • Fee Payment

      Applicants must pay the required fees to proceed with the application process.

    • Approval

      After the successful completion of all the steps, applicants will receive their Dominica citizenship certificates.

    It is important to note that once an individual has acquired Dominica citizenship by Investment, they must maintain it to retain the rights and privileges it provides. Thus, all individuals must abide by the country’s immigration laws and regulations and maintain their residence status in Dominica. Additionally, citizens are expected to pay taxes on any income from investments within the country.

    DM The Difference

    The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program is designed to attract foreign investment and support the nation’s economic development. Besides the investment amount, there are additional fees for processing the application and due diligence. For complete details of the cost incurred throughout the Dominica citizenship by investment program, feel free to contact DM Consultants in Dubai.

    Our offices in Dubai offer consultation services to those willing to benefit from this fantastic opportunity. We have registered agents who help you make qualifying investments and assist in the visa application for Dominican citizenship. Avail cheap minimum investment among citizenship by investment countries to get 2nd passport. We are an authorised agent and will provide details of personal documents, business documents and additional documents if required.

    Most Frequently Asked Questions for Dominica Citizenship by Investment

    The Dominican passport currently ranks 29th on the Passport power Index. It provides visa-free access to 134 countries, covering 67% of the world, for hassle-free travel. It includes visa-free travel to 88 countries and visa on arrival to 43 countries. Dominican passport holders, however, require a visa to enter about 64 destinations.
    If you are a qualified applicant for the Dominica citizenship by investment program, it is necessary to make the minimum investment amount for Dominica Citizenship by Investment $100,000.
    It usually takes about 4 months to process and obtains Dominica citizenship via investment. If you want to fast-track your application process, reach our certified consultants promptly.
    Yes, applicants can include their dependent children under 30 and their spouses. Furthermore, applicants can also apply for their parents under 55.
    Yes, dual citizenship is allowed in Dominica. You do not have to renounce your existing citizenship to earn your Dominica passport by investment.
    Unlike other Citizenship by-residency programs, a physical residency requirement is unnecessary when applying for Dominica citizenship by investment. The Dominica passport has a validation for 5 years and can be renewed. Contact DM Consultants in Dubai to know more about the provisions of this program.
    Yes, individuals can maintain their current citizenship when applying for Dominica citizenship by Investment.
    The Dominica passport has a validation for 5 years and can be renewed. To know other legalities and basic detail of Dominica citizenship by investment

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    We assists international clients in obtaining residence and citizenship under the respective programs.

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