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    The Dm Story

    DM Consultants’ phenomenal climb to the top of the ladder in the UAE’s immigration sector began from humble beginnings. As the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs with a broad vision – Chetan Kumbhar and Vidisha Kumbhar, DM was set up with the sole goal:

    To build the desired infrastructure that enables Global Citizenship & Immigration based on the most transparent, efficient and error-free processes.

    A decade on, DM Consultants is now broadly considered one of the pioneers of the now flourishing UAE immigration sector. Today DM is the best immigration consulting company in Emirates. From a small office in the busy Dubai streets, DM as a brand has crossed three continents with offices in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Toronto, Delhi, Mumbai, Doha, Muscat and Pune, to name a few, besides the main office in Dubai.

    DM Citizenship by Investment came into being due to DM’s well-thought decision to give more attention to Business Immigration – one of its existing verticals.

    Why Choose Dm Citizenship & Residency By Investment Consultants?

    Here at DM Citizenship & Residency by Investment, we specialise in offering tailored residency and citizenship by investment solutions to assist customers in achieving their goals. From recommending the residency or citizenship program according to their requirements to helping in processing applications and giving timely advice, we are by your side every step in Residence by Investment from Dubai. We shall help you make the best investment decisions.

    We value building a trusted and transparent relationship with our clients, which we achieve by offering the best immigration consultancy services as committed to our customers. We accomplish this by forming a qualified team of licensed immigration consultants who are experts in the field and well aware of all the requirements considered crucial throughout the migration process.

    We have assisted hundreds of wealthy investors to avail of a second citizenship and passport. With a presence across three continents, we have the infrastructure and knowledge to provide our clients with a world-class consultancy service.


    Our certified immigration consultants are aware of the immigration rules and regulations of the countries. Our expert visa consultants handle your files and prospects, who will represent your immigration case in the countries of your choice.

    We conduct a full legal assessment before the start of your application to check that you are eligible for the chosen application process so that you will only channel your money and time into the right course. We also allot an immigration analyst who regularly updates you about the application.

    DM Consultants work with ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) and MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority). Based on the immigration challenges, we offer our clients customised solutions according to their specific migration needs.

    We provide comprehensive solutions, awareness about opportunities, expert advice, professional support, timely results, and affordable services. Contact us today to learn more about Citizenship by Investment.

    Why Hire The Services Of A Licensed Migration Agent?

    A well-prepared and submitted visa application with all the required documents has a better chance of getting approved by the concerned immigration authorities. Because of professional work and binding to the regulatory authorities, the evaluation of your application may become less complicated and take less time. You can get the right and appropriate information related to the process of immigration:

    Vision & Mission of DM Consultants in Qatar

    Immigration consultant agencies often overlook or ignore the importance of Transparency in information and cost factors. But we understand its necessity in a long run partnership. DM Consultants strives to be the leading provider of consulting, advisory and management services in Qatar. We strive to provide quality services in an efficient manner.
    Why Choose Us

    Our Vision

    Through our website www.citizenshipbyinvestment-dm.com, our primary goal is to assist high-net-worth clients in securing a powerful second passport and dual citizenship, providing greater safety for their families, more security for their wealth and investment options to expand their business.

    Our Mission

    DM Citizenship by Investment is committed to helping you realise your dream of obtaining a second citizenship. We aim to continue growing from being the top immigration consultant in the GCC countries to the world’s best immigration consultant!

    Our Core Values

    The core values of DM Consultants in Qatar are centered on providing the highest level of quality and professionalism to our clients. We value;






    No Hidden Costs

    No Hidden Costs



    We strive to keep up with the ever-changing needs of our clients and provide the best possible solutions for their unique situations. Furthermore, we are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients and delivering consistent results. Lastly, we strive to provide the best customer service to ensure that our clients are always satisfied with their experience.

    We believe in creating and maintaining trust through our commitment to excellence, and we hold our team members to the highest standards. We strive to demonstrate professionalism and integrity in all aspects of our services, from the initial consultation and planning process to the implementation and follow-up stages. We are committed to providing efficient, cost-effective solutions to our clients in order to maximize their success.

    Our Team

    Meet Our Team

    Founder & Managing Partner

    Vidisha Kumbhar

    Founder & Managing Partner

    Chetan Kumbhar

    Director of Sales

    Gaurav Chauhan

    Assistant Director of Sales

    Lukeman Jalal

    Director of Operations

    Tulika Sharma

    Global Operations Manager

    Anjali Nanda

    Regional Manager - (India)

    Nikhil Deshmukh

    Group Head HR & Admin

    Mavis Rebello

    Finance Manager

    Fritzi Emily

    Kanika Gaba

    Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council Member (RCIC # R534737)

    Kanika Gaba

    Branch Manager - Abu Dhabi

    Mohamad Ismail

    Branch Manager-Dubai

    Shraddha Gupta

    Branch Manager - Dubai

    Akshay Sapru

    Branch Manager - Oman


    Asst Regional Manager - Qatar and KSA


    Asst Regional Manager - Qatar and KSA

    Ravikant Shinde

    Jyoti Saluja

    Branch Manager - Qatar

    Branch Manager - Dubai (JLT)

    Naresh Sharma

    Regional Manager (Ops)


    Service excelence Manager

    Roopa Kainth

    Senior Admission Officer

    Ayush Bucha

    Operations Manager - ( DXB, SHJ, OM & EU )

    Gayatri Bhatia

    Internal Audit Manager

    Ravi Kumar Chattumala

    Full Stack Developer

    Gagandeep Lamba

    IELTS Admin Officer

    Danushi Pahalage

    General Accountant

    Regine Olit

    Legal Counsel

    Sajjad S.Z