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    Country overview

    Spain has majestic landscapes and is regarded as one of the best holiday destinations. The economy of Spain is considered necessary in Europe and runs mainly on agriculture, technology, theatres, art, and tourism. Every profession in Spain is gradually leaving its mark and boosting the economy. Besides tourists, Spain is also a destination for people in business worldwide as they see Spain as a market that can grow their business. Spain is also famous for its highly esteemed cultural values, traditions, and rich history. The vibrant country offers an excellent quality of life, and Spain Residency by Investment Program is a popular long-term option for business investment to live there.

    Spain in Numbers

    Spain is among the largest countries in Europe and the 52nd overall biggest in the world. The country lies at an elevation of 660 meters above sea level and has 81% urban population. Spain has around 100 islands to explore. The European country shares direct national borders with five countries, Andorra, France, Morocco, Gibraltar, and Portugal.

    47.35 millionPopulation



    Central European Summer Time (GMT+2)Time Zone


    About Spain Golden Visa Citizenship

    Spain’s residence by investment program is also known as the Spain golden visa. The program allows foreigners to apply for an investor visa after making a significant investment in the country. Successful visa applicants and their families are granted free access across Europe’s Schengen Area. Spain Golden Visa Citizenship benefits investors in different ways as Spain is an esteemed member of the European Union. It is also one of the countries included in the Schengen Area, which means having citizenship in Spain will allow you an unhindered visa on arrival entry into all the Countries of the Schengen Area in Europe.

    The program does not support the applicants only but also their families, who are the approved dependents. The parliament of Spain passed a bill in 2013 that proposed that all foreigners not a part of European Union Countries can temporarily acquire a residence in return for an investment of at least EUR 500,000 in the real estate business.

    Program Highlights

    • Minimum Investment

      Any applicant who has invested at least EUR 500,000/- in real estate can apply for the Spain golden visa citizenship program. The investor’s business should generate jobs and contribute to the country’s social, economic, scientific, and technological development.

    • Mobility

      Get Spain’s passport through investment and enjoy a lifelong experience of studying, earning, and living in such a great country. You will also get a chance to roam freely around the 26 other Schengen countries without any hecticness of getting a visa or approval first.

    • Dependents

      Spain’s golden visa offers a different option for adding your spouse, an unmarried partner, and elderly parents as dependents to your application. Children under 18 and children who are not minors but are dependent due to health or mental conditions also qualify for the visa.

    • Processing time

      After attaining eligibility to apply for Spain Citizenship by Investment through various investment schemes and completing all the formalities, the Government of Spain generally issues an initial residence permit in less than 30 days. The initial investment residence permit duration is for a year or two, but the same is extendable up to 5 years on request.

    • Key benefit

      The key benefit of Spain citizenship by investment, worth investing EUR 500,000/- is that you can enjoy your life with your family in beautiful Spain. You will also be allowed to access all the European countries and the visa-free or visa-on-arrival to all the countries in Europe’s Schengen Area.

    • Tax

      Spain imposes no tax on income generated outside of the country. Tax is charged to non-residents doing employment in Spain or getting a pension from Spain at the rate of 24%, so profits generated from renting out a property, claiming dividends, or investing in banks are taxed at 19%.

    Benefits of Spain Golden Visa Citizenship Program

    Life in a Country like Spain, where people enjoy life to the fullest, has something to offer to the applicants for Spain’s golden visa citizenship program through international investments.

    • Citizens will get the right to move freely in the countries of the European Schengen Area.
    • Citizens will be granted the residency permit within three months.
    • The applicant is not bound to stay in Spain, nor does he require any proof of his stay in Spain.
    • A minimum investment of EUR 500,000 is required to qualify for Spain residency by investment, which is very low compared to the benefits and standard of life therein.
    • Provision of the best education, modern health facilities, security, and safety.
    • All the candidates become eligible for citizenship after ten years of legal residence.
    • The candidate is allowed to add dependents.

    Spain Citizenship by Investment Options

    Various options are available to get the Golden Visa Spain, from which a candidate may opt for any deemed appropriate. Following are the chances that can be opted.

    • Real Estate

      Minimum Investment: EUR 500,000

      Purchase of a property by investing a minimum amount of EUR 500,000. A candidate can either purchase a single property for EUR 500,000 or more than one property, of which the combined value should be at least EUR 500,000 is also acceptable.

    • Business Setup

      The candidate can also establish a business in Spain that is too of general interest.

    • Shares

      Minimum Investment: EUR 01 million

      Investing in the shares or depositing in the bank may also opt, but a minimum deposit should be EUR 01 million.

    • Bonds By Government

      Minimum Investment: EUR 2 million

      You can also invest by purchasing the bonds issued by the government, only having a minimum value of EUR 2 million.

    The candidate should hire the services of experts working with DM consultants to get aware of the visa options best suited for you to make an application worthy of getting approved for Spain golden visa citizenship.

    Golden Visa Spain Requirements

    Any foreign individual who wants to get Spain Citizenship by Investment should be able to make an individual investment as approved by the Government of Spain.

    It binds an applicant to invest a minimum amount of EUR 500,000 in any real estate projects duly approved by the Government of Spain. You can also choose an investment model in any of the following categories.

    • A Business Project.
    • Purchasing of Shares.
    • Money deposit in the bank or purchasing bonds issued by the Government of Spain.

    DM consultants are here to help you to satisfy the Golden Visa Spain Requirements. Investing your money requires extra care, and detailed information is necessary to avoid fraudulent activity. Representative of DM consultant got you covered in all these aspects as our experts will never let you down or let any harm possibly be reaching out to you. DM consultants will successfully let you choose the best deal available at the best price.

    Documents required for Spain Residency by Citizenship

    The following documents are required from each applicant, including children:

    including children:

    • Valid passport
    • Two passport-size photos
    • Proof of the right medical insurance
    • Medical certificate
    • Certified copy of the criminal record certificate from
    • your country of origin for the past five years.
    • Birth certificates copy
    • Work experience or income proof of income and genuineness of company owned by the applicant.
    • Documents translated into English or Spanish and legalised by
    • the Consulate of Spain in the country of Residence
    • Bank Statements for the last 12 months
    • Marriage certificate or divorce certificate, depending
    • on the relationship

    DM’s Residency by Investment consultants from Dubai simplifies the document collection as much as possible, and when required, we obtain the documents for the client without their involvement.

    Spain Citizenship by Investment Program Process

    The following steps are involved in the application process for Spain’s Citizenship by Investment.

    • Submit your visa application to the nearest Spanish Embassy or Consulate.
    • Show commitment to investing.
    • Pre-visit Spain to see investment schemes, open a bank account, and meet with lawyers.
    • Once the property is selected and initial documentation and formal procedures are done, the candidate can return to their homeland and transfer the remaining amount. Complete property transfer in the buyer’s name will take 1 to 2 months.
    • The principal applicant’s family members must submit Spain visa application as dependents. They have submit required papers that proves family relations.

    DM The DM The Difference

    DM consultant will ensure that your application for Spain citizenship by investment from UAE is ready for submission. Residence permits are typically granted after a 20-day consideration period. They have an initial duration of one or two years, renewable for five years upon request, provided that the applicant maintains a minimum investment in Spain. After five years of residence as a law-abiding citizen, a candidate can apply for a permanent residence visa in Spain. Our services include:

    • Prerequisite Check

      You can start applying for citizenship through DM consultants, as the government of Spain is stringent in managing and checking the applications, and the data filled therein are verified thoroughly in each case. Any document of information found false or ambiguous will result in declining the application, ultimately costing the applicant. Hence, applying through an experienced consultant will be beneficial for the candidate to avoid unnecessary delays and disturbances.

    • Submission of the Application

      Candidates can apply for a permanent residence card in Spain while staying in their homeland. A successful grant of such a visa will allow them to remain in Spain for one year.

      After staying for one year, candidates can apply for residence permit cards, or candidates staying in Spain on a tourist visa can directly apply for a Spanish residence permit which will ultimately overlook the first condition.

    • Due Diligence Check

      Every application, once submitted, goes through the most arduous diligence check, in which all the information provided and all the documents attached are verified to an extreme extent. Therefore, it is essential that before applying, the application must also be reviewed twice or even thrice to save yourself from complications that may cause problems in the approval of your case.


    For Spain Golden Visa Citizenship, a candidate can choose among of the following investments:
    • Property investment for at least EUR 500,000 in Spain.
    • Invest at least EUR 2,000,000 in the public debt of Spain.
    • Deposit in a bank in Spain or buy shares of a company for at least EUR 1,000,000.
    • Create job opportunities, add to technological and scientific innovation, and have an appropriate impact socio-economically in the place where the business will be handled.
    Additional requirements:
    • Age 18 and above
    • Clear criminal record
    • No Schengen Visa refusal in the past.
    • Health insurance coverage in Spain.
    Yes, if you buy a property worth at least EUR 500,000 and meet the required criteria, you can apply for Spanish citizenship. Besides real estate, other ways of investment to get residency and citizenship in Spain are: • A minimum investment of EUR 1,000,000 is required to acquire shares of companies in Spain or investment fund units. • Invest twice as much — EUR 2,000,000 to get a Golden Visa for buying government bonds. • You can open a deposit account in a bank in Spain and transfer at least EUR 1,000,000.
    You can apply at the nearby police station or contact concerned authorities in Madrid to seek a residence permit. Apply for residency inside 12 months from your grant of visa or within 6-8 months minimum Investment in real estate property, but your purchase still needs to be completed. Besides, you will have a minimum Ninety days under Spanish law, to obtain your residence permit after expiry of Spain Golden Visa.
    An investor can learn Spanish and its culture and history in detail for smooth relocation. You can search a job, study, set up a business, and do other activities in Spain. There are certain restrictions on business practices where you require a license, such as medicine. You can choose residence site as an investor. You have requirement to visit Spain just at the time of card renewal. In comparison, other residence permit holders must reside in Spain for minimum of 183 days every year. However, to receive permanent residency, you need to stay in Spain for a longer period of time.
    Investors have no documented benefits over another residence permit holders in terms of Spanish permanent residence or citizenship application. An investor can become a citizen of Spain by naturalisation: • Get a residence permit by investment. • Move to the country. • Get permanent residence in a few years. • Apply for citizenship. Pass two exams to prove your knowledge of the Spanish language and the country's cultural and legal life. You will have to give up your first citizenship.
    The Spain golden visa is valid initially for a year or two. During this valid period, you must enter the country to get a Spain residency permit. The residence permit can be renewed without any stay requirements if you maintain your investment. You must travel to Spain to renew your residence permit. You can become a permanent resident like Spanish residents after continuous residency of five years.

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    We assists international clients in obtaining residence and citizenship under the respective programs.

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