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    Country overview

    Malta, also known as the Republic of Malta is an island country in the European Union consisting of an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea and is considered a part of Southern Europe. The official languages are Maltese and English, and 66% of the current Maltese population is at least conversational in the Italian language. With a population of less than a million, Malta is the world’s tenth-smallest country with respect to area and the fourth most densely populated sovereign country. Malta is mostly famous for its pleasant climate, welcoming behavior of people, and good quality of life. A place where every individual should be looking to own a second home.


    EconomyForeign Trade, Manufacturing (especially electronics and pharmaceuticals), and Tourism


    GMT+2Time Zone

    English and MalteseLanguages

    About Malta Citizenship by Naturalization Program

    Malta Citizenship by Investment is offered to interested candidates who can invest directly for it and apply for Malta Citizenship by Residency by completing a proper procedure. This is also known as Malta Citizenship by Naturalization. It makes foreign individuals and their families, who are willing to contribute to the country’s economic development, eligible for citizenship by issuing a certificate of naturalization. All individuals residing therein for a period of 36 months or 12 months (including exception) can apply for this great opportunity of having a second home that too in such a beautiful country. The process mentioned above can be a bit tricky as every application is checked strictly and all details are verified by the competent Maltese Government Agency, which is solely responsible for administering the regulations.

    Program Highlights

    • Investment

      Applicant should have made an expense of EUR 600,000 at least for a minimum residence period of 36 months or EUR 750,000 for a minimum of 12 months (in case of exception).

    • Passport Issuance Time

      The application for Maltese citizenship by Naturalization is approved after only 4 months of processing time, and it takes no more than 1 year for the passport to be issued.

    • Mobility

      Citizens of Malta enjoy hassle-free visa processing or Visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to 185 destinations.

    • Dependents

      The applicant must add dependents to a citizenship application that include his or her spouse and kids who are under 18. Children around 25 years can be included along with dependent parents or grandparents of 55 years of age.

    • Dual citizenship

      Unlike other countries, the Maltese government has not objected to any applicant or citizen for having more than citizenship which has made people more interested in getting citizenship in Malta through Malta citizenship by naturalization.

    • Processing time

      Citizenship in Maltese is approved after 4 months of processing time and the passport is issued within 1 year.

    • Key benefit

      The investors will get an attractive place to live or own a second home in, a strategically located country with excellent air links and visa-free or on-arrival visas for 185 plus countries.

    Benefits of Malta Citizenship by Investment 2022:

    Before going any further in how the process of having citizenship in Malta works and other requirements, let us take a brief overview of the benefits of having citizenship in Malta through

    Malta Citizenship by Investment 2022.

    • Citizens of Malta enjoy hassle-free visa processing or Visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to 185 destinations.
    • Citizens have full access to a smoothly running, trusted worldwide, and reputable financial and business hub.
    • A place free of scammers as the government of Malta is highly strict in the selection of applicants and only highly respectable applicants are granted Malta Citizenship, thus, the government ensures that no false or ambiguous applicant may have entered the country by any means.
    • An attractive place to reside in or own a second home in a country like Malta which is having very important location strategically that too with excellent air links.
    • With all the above-mentioned benefits, Malta has much more to offer. The people of Malta are very much loving and welcoming and are rich in culture. Historically, Malta possesses great value in the world. A country like Malta has always been a people’s choice to have a visit every now and then and to spend some leisure time.

    Requirements for Malta Citizenship by Investment 2022:

    Now coming back to the real deal, below are mentioned Investment options that can be chosen by every individual in order to get themselves eligible for having Malta Citizenship by Naturalization.

                 If you are tired of detailed descriptions being conveyed to you and hectic procedures being followed everywhere about getting citizenship in Malta, stop worrying! Now you have come to the right place, DM Consultants have got you covered for getting your application ready for having Malta Citizenship by Residency.

    In any case of applying for citizenship of Malta, one thing that has to be assured by the applicant is that age of all the applicants must be over 18 as no application can be initiated if this requirement is not fulfilled. The application procedure for Malta Citizenship by Naturalization or Malta Citizenship by Residency consists of four steps in which every document and detail provided by the applicant is carefully checked and assessed and undergoes a due diligence process.

    Malta Investment Options:

    All the Investment options are summarized below.

    • Real Estate Investment: Minimum Investment: EUR 738,000

      Applicant should have made an investment of EUR 738,000 at least for a minimum residence period of 36 months or EUR 888,000 for a minimum of 12 months

      Applicant should have purchased a residential property in the Republic of Malta of at least EUR 738,000, and the same must have been held with the applicant for at least five years. Similarly, the lease of a residential property is also to be charged from the applicant for five years, which is also included in the invested amount. A 36-month or 12-month by exception, lease agreement on property purchased is required during the residence period. Assurance will also be given by the applicant that the property purchased by the applicant cannot be sublet during this five-year or 12-month period.

    • Non-Refundable Donation to Local NGOs: Minimum Investment: EUR 10,000

      Many Non-Governing Organizations are working in Malta and to encourage their interest in the field, the Maltese government has made a mandatory condition for applying for citizenship that all the applicants must have donated EUR 10,000 at least to any registered sports club, safeguarding cultural & heritage values, scientific research centers, philanthropic institutes, animal welfare organizations, or artistic non-governmental organization or society, as approved by the Community Malta Agency.

      Applicant should provide documents endorsing that he/she had been a legal resident of Malta for at least 36 months (or 12 months, by exception), which includes the lease of residential property including rental value, held for that same period. Applicants applying for Malta Citizenship by Investment should possess a valid residence card in order to apply for citizenship.

    Malta Citizenship by Residency Process:

    • Providing Prescribed Forms

      Prescribed forms are provided for applying for Malta citizenship by residency which is to be used in order to apply for citizenship of Malta. It is suggested to fill in these forms under the guidance of professional consultants like DM Consultants who are willing to take full responsibility for your application. These forms are then carefully filled and all the required documents that are mentioned in the forms are to be attached with the prescribed arrangement and submitted for necessary approval.

    • Due Diligence Check

      Once the form is submitted it goes through a detailed due diligence check and every individual application is assessed time and again in order to avoid any mishap or letting any false person enter the state. Any application having false or ambiguous information or detail about the applicant will result in a straight-away declination.
      After having the Tier 1 due diligence checks completed successfully, your application will be declared as clear and an application for a residence permit will be submitted.

    • Obtaining Residence Permit:

      After obtaining a residence permit, an eligibility application will be submitted, and further (tiers 2, 3, and 4) due diligence checks will be made by the agency. After fulfilling all these steps your application will then finally be placed before the Maltese Minister concerned for perusal, who will then decide on the applicant’s eligibility to apply for Malta citizenship by residency.

    • Application Process

      After completing the residence period of 36 months or 12 months successfully, this application for Malta Citizenship by Residency will be then processed further for obtaining Maltese Citizenship by Residency if not found false or has not been declined meanwhile.

    • Fulfillment of Requirements

      When the minister decides to grant Maltese citizenship to the applicant, they will then be required to fulfill the exceptional investment, donation, and property requirements.

    • Issuance of Maltese Certification of Naturalization:

      The applicants will be invited to take the oath of allegiance in Malta and be presented with a Maltese certificate of naturalization. And continuous monitoring by the Community Malta Agency will be conducted for five years.


    Having a Maltese passport will give you easy access to explore visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to 185 destinations.

    Usually, the application process is performed on two levels. The first is Malta residency and it will take approx. 15 days to process. Once the residency status is granted and you have been in residency status for 12 months, the process of Malta Citizenship will be started. It will take 4 months for approval and a Maltese passport will be issued within a year.

    No! Malta investor visa doesn’t have a residency requirement. Instead, the applicant should prove that they have a genuine connection with Malta by providing the details of visits per year, utility bills, engaging in business activity, and so on. You can get help from us to comply with the Maltese regulations.

    No! The permanent residence of Malta comes with lifetime validity and you can enjoy the full privileges of citizenship for life – also, the citizenship can be passed on to future generations.

    Yes, the applicants can add dependents to Malta citizenship by investment application. They can add their spouse, and children under the age of 18; also, children of 25 years, parents, and grandparents of 55 years of age can be included, if they are financially dependent on the applicant.

    To apply for Malta Citizenship by investment, the applicants should comply with:

    • Should be ready to make a non-refundable investment of €600,000 (36 months of residence) and €750,000 (for 12 months of residence)
    • Meet the minimum duration of stay inside the country (36 months or 12 months against a higher investment)
    • Completed the skill assessment
    • Submit the police clearance certificate with zero criminal record
    • Provide a health declaration form

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    We assists international clients in obtaining residence and citizenship under the respective programs.

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