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    Country overview

    The Republic of Malta comprises a chain of islands in the Mediterranean Sea. It is located in Southern Europe and is part of the European Union. The people there get a stable political climate and a growing economy. Maltese and English are the official languages, and 66% of the current Maltese population can converse in Italian. With less than a million population, Malta is a small country, ranked 10th in terms of area in the world and the fourth most populated country in terms of density. Malta is famous mainly for its pleasant climate, welcoming behaviour of people, and offers better quality of life.

    Malta is one of those countries that recently offered the Malta Residence program, making it suitable for prospective investors to work and reside in the country legally. Therefore, if you are an overseas investor wanting to invest or do business in Europe while attaining second citizenship, DM Consultants can help you in this regard.

    Malta in Numbers

    Malta, by area, is among the smallest countries in Europe and ranked 212th worldwide. With 1,615 inhabitants per km, it is also densely populated, and 95% of residents belong to the urban population. Besides the two main islands, the country has five other small islands. Malta has no direct neighbours.


    EconomyForeign Trade, Manufacturing (especially electronics and pharmaceuticals), and Tourism


    GMT+2Time Zone

    English and MalteseLanguages

    About Maltese Citizenship by Naturalization Program

    The Malta Permanent Residence Programme grants non-European nationals the opportunity to obtain a European residence permit in an EU country (Malta) and visa-free travel within Europe’s Schengen Area. Malta Citizenship by Investment is issued to candidates interested in direct investment and applying for Malta Citizenship by Residency with a proper procedure. It is also known as Maltese Citizenship by Naturalization.

    It is possible following a 36-month (or, by exception, 12-month) residence period. All individuals residing therein for 36 months or 12 months (including exceptions) can avail this chance to have a second home in such a beautiful country. As mentioned above, the process for citizenship by investment program can be tedious as every application is checked thoroughly, and all minute details are cross-checked by the Maltese Government Agency, which administers the regulations.

    Program Highlights

    • Investment Conditions

      Investment Malta applicants should contribute EUR 600,000 for a minimum residence period of three years or EUR 750,000 for a minimum of one year for the investment application process.

    • Processing time

      Maltese citizenship by Naturalization application is finalised after only four months of processing, and it takes about a year for the passport to be issued.

    • Mobility

      Malta’s citizens enjoy smooth visa processing or visa-free or on-arrival visa for travel to 186 countries.

    • Dependents

      The applicant can add dependents to a citizenship application, including their spouse and children and dependent parents or grandparents above 55.

    • Dual citizenship

      The Malta government has not objected to any applicant or citizen having more than one citizenship, increasing people’s interest in Malta Golden Visa.

    • Key benefit

      The investor visa holders will get a beautiful place to stay or possess a new home in a strategically located country with great air links and on-arrival visas or visa-free travel for 186-plus countries.

    Benefits of Maltese Citizenship

    The benefits of Maltese citizenship are huge as Malta is a European Union member, and obtaining residency on the island, allows individuals to travel freely throughout Europe under the Schengen agreement. Some of the other benefits are listed below:

    • Citizens of Malta enjoy a visa-free or smooth visa application process on arrival to 186 countries.
    • Citizens can access a trusted worldwide, smoothly running, and creditable business and financial hub.
    • A country free of scammers as the government of Malta is stringent in the choice of applicants, and only genuine applicants are issued Malta Citizenship. Thus, the government ensures that no undeserving applicant may enter the country.
    • Malta’s strategic location with smooth air links makes it a great country to stay and invest in.
    • Health Insurance coverage and other benefits

    With all the benefits mentioned above, Malta has much more to offer. The people of Malta are affectionate and welcoming and are rich in culture. Contact DM Citizenship by Investment from Dubai for a Malta Residency card.

    Investment Options for Malta Permanent Residency Program

    The principal applicant must be at least 18 years of age to qualify. They must declare through legal means that they own capital of no less than EUR 500,000 from the date of application (EUR 150,000, which should be in financial assets). The following residency requirements must be met to qualify for the program:

    • A property purchase of EUR 350,000 (EUR 300,000 in South Malta or Gozo) or a property lease of EUR 12,000 per annum (EUR 10,000 in South Malta or Gozo)
    • A contribution of EUR 28,000 to the Maltese economy if the residential property is purchased or EUR 58,000 if the property is leased
    • A donation to a non-governmental organization of EUR 2,000
    • A non-refundable administration fee of EUR 40,000

    Requirements for Malta Citizenship by Investment

    Below are mentioned Investment options that every individual can choose to get eligible for Maltese Citizenship by Naturalization.

    The application procedure for Maltese Citizenship by Naturalization or Malta Citizenship by Residency consists of four steps:

    • The applicant’s age must be over 18.
    • Minimum investment of EUR 600,000 for a period of residence of three years or EUR 750,000 for 12 months.
    • Own the Malta residential property for a minimum of EUR 700,000 for five years. On the other hand, the residential property lease with a rent value of a minimum of EUR 16,000 yearly is also kept for five years. The property cannot be rented during these five years. A 36-month (or 18-month, in exceptional cases) agreement for the lease or purchase of property is needed during the residency period.
    • A minimum donation of EUR 10,000 to an authorised scientific, philanthropic, cultural, sport, animal welfare, NGO or society, as ratified by the Community Malta Agency
    • Applicants require a valid residence card to apply for citizenship.

    Documents required for Malta Investment Program

    To apply for the Malta Residence and Citizenship program, you have to provide the following documents:

    • Must include your passport and the passports of all family members in the application
    • Cover letter
    • Proof you have the necessary funds legally for the investment
    • Bank statements from your country of origin
    • Family relationship documents
    • Medical reports of the applicant and family members
    • Any other supporting documents, as required

    Every document and detail the applicant provides is carefully checked and assessed and undergoes a due diligence process.

    If you are tired of detailed descriptions being conveyed to you and hectic procedures being followed everywhere about getting citizenship in Malta, stop worrying! Now you have come to the right place.

    DM Residence by Investment consultant in UAE has covered you for getting your application ready.

    Maltese Citizenship by Naturalization Application Process

    The Maltese Citizenship by Naturalization application process involves the following steps:

    • Inspect investment options in Malta and invest.
    • Gather all the essential documents as evidence for a qualified investment.
    • Apply for Malta Golden Visa to the Residency Malta Agency.
    • Receive residence permits in Malta for you and your family after approval.
    • After getting residence permits, apply within 12 months to demonstrate if you are eligible for Malta citizenship or a European passport application.
    • You will get a letter of Eligibility Approval.
    • After a residence of 1-3 years (according to the investment), you must provide all the essential papers for the Malta citizenship application.
    • Migrate to Malta with family, get naturalized as Maltese citizens, and can avail of your passports.

    DM the Difference

    Applying for Malta Permanent Residency Programme is long, complex, and can take several months. The process of application varies depending on the type of investment made, the family’s situation and nationality. That’s why the role of expert consultants becomes important. DM, with its team of expert advisors, provides the following services to ease your task:

    • Providing Prescribed Forms

      Prescribed forms are provided for applying for Malta citizenship by residency, which is to be used to apply for citizenship of Malta. Please fill in these forms under the guidance of professional consultants like DM Consultants, who are willing to take full responsibility for your application. These forms are then carefully filled, and all the required documents mentioned in the forms will be attached with the prescribed arrangement and submitted for necessary approval.

    • Due Diligence Check

      Once the form is submitted, it goes through rigorous verification. Every individual application is assessed repeatedly to avoid any mishap or letting any false person enter the state. Any application with inaccurate or ambiguous information or details about the applicant will result in a straight-away declination.
      After the Tier 1 verifications are completed successfully, our legal team will declare your application clear, and you can submit a residence permit application.

    • Obtaining Residence Permit

      After obtaining a residence permit, our experienced team will apply to check eligibility, and further (tiers 2, 3, and 4) rigorous checks will be made by the concerned agency. After fulfilling all these steps, your application will finally be placed before the Maltese Minister concerned for perusal, who will then conclude the applicant’s eligibility to apply for Malta citizenship by residency.

    • Application Process

      After completing the residence period of 36 months or 12 months, the authorities will process the application for Malta Citizenship by Residency further for obtaining Maltese Citizenship by Residency if not found false or has not been declined.

    • Fulfilment of Requirements

      When the minister decides to grant Maltese citizenship to the applicant, they will be required to fulfil the excellent investment requirements.

    • Issuance of Maltese Certification of Naturalization

      The applicants will be invited to take the loyalty oath in Malta and be presented with a Maltese naturalisation certificate. And conduct continuous monitoring by the Community Malta Agency for five years.


    Suppose you meet the requirements for Malta Citizenship by investment after a four-tier due diligence process. In that case, your second citizenship and passport will be issued after just 12 months or 36 months of residence in Malta. The citizenship received is permanent and can even pass it to subsequent generations. You can include your spouse, children up to 30, parents, and grandparents older than 55.
    Yes, you can include qualified family members in the application or add them after obtaining citizenship for an additional fee. The principal applicant for Maltese Citizenship by Naturalization can consist of a spouse or partner (gender neutral), children under 18, dependent adult children under 29, parents, and grandparents over 55.
    Applicants can move to Malta or live in the country for an entire year to satisfy the one-year (or three-year) requirements of residency. An applicant can prove residence ship through numerous visits to Malta per year, displaying electricity and water bills, having a club membership, engaging in any business activity in Malta, and similar. Our registered consultants will assist you in fully complying with Maltese regulations.
    Malta has European Union membership, so its citizens automatically become European citizens, which means an applicant can live, work or study anywhere in Europe. The total number of passports the Maltese government has made available under the new regulation is limited to only 400 per year! For additional information, don't hesitate to contact us.
    The benefits of Maltese citizenship are huge as Malta is a European Union member. Some of the other benefits are listed below:
    • Citizens of Malta enjoy a smooth process of visa application or Visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to 186 destinations.
    • Citizens can access a trusted worldwide, smoothly running, and creditable business and financial hub.
    • A country free of scammers as the government of Malta is stringent in the choice of applicants, and only genuine applicants are issued Malta Citizenship. Thus, the government ensures that every undeserving applicant may enter the country.
    • Malta is an attractive place to reside or own a second home. It is a strategically important location that, too, with excellent air links.
    The Maltese passport is the eighth most powerful globally, granting visa-free access to 186 countries. Passport strength is usually measured by the number of countries you visit without a visa or on-arrival visa. How do I become a Maltese citizen by naturalization? The steps for the Maltese Citizenship by Naturalization application process are as follows:
    • Travel to Malta to inspect investment options and make a required investment.
    • Submit your visa application with the required documentation to the Residency Malta Agency.
    • You and your family members will receive Malta residence permits.
    • Within 12 months of getting your residence permits, you must apply to demonstrate if you are eligible to apply for Malta citizenship or a European passport.
    • After 1-3 years of residence (depending on the investment you made), you must submit all the essential papers for the Malta citizenship application.

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    We assists international clients in obtaining residence and citizenship under the respective programs.

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