Want A Passport That Offers You The Freedom To Travel The World?

People were involuntarily sheltered for two years due to COVID-19. As they could not step out of their homes, they understood the power of mobility. Since the onset of the global pandemic, people’s desire to travel has dramatically increased. Globalization has made the world a super-connected place. The progressive global workforce has blurred the lines between countries, and international barriers are now being crossed. In a digitalized space, employees have the freedom to work remotely or in a hybrid atmosphere. Thus, professionals love the freedom of mobility, enhancing productivity while satisfying their desire to travel.

As a result of seeking the power of mobility, people are now interested in possessing an extra passport that allows them to move freely around multiple countries. The strength of a passport is determined by the number of countries its holder can access visa-free. Japan and Singapore are the top-ranking countries with the highest mobility score in 2022. However, obtaining citizenship in these countries is highly complicated and challenging.

DM Consultants is an experienced company specializing in residency and citizenship-by-investment programs. Clients from the UAE can receive great advice on their options for obtaining residence or citizenship overseas. Here are a few alternate solutions we suggest to potential clients looking for a quick and strong secondary passport.

If you desire citizenship in the Caribbean, here is a list of countries that offer fascinating citizenship opportunities. A holder of an Antigua & Barbuda passport can freely move around 136 countries. As citizens of Saint Kitts & Nevis, you have the freedom to travel across 135 countries. Moreover, you can cover 129 countries with the Grenada and Saint Lucia passports. Citizenship of Dominica and Vanuatu will allow you to move to 125 countries.


How do you become a citizen of one of these countries?


The citizenship-by-investment initiatives are well-known, influential, and straightforward. All programs typically have no language or residency requirements. So you can easily attain citizenship by making a donation or investment in real estate. You can become a citizen by donating or investing in real estate. The citizenship-by-investment programs make room for the entire family’s citizenship. For applicants who are willing to delay the procedure for a few weeks or months to invest locally and potentially benefit from future property market growth, the real estate option is ideal!

Trustworthy professionals can advise on the best possibilities for you—the donation option starts at about USD 100,000.

One can consider Vanuatu as a quick, reputable, effective, and straightforward way to attain dual citizenship. Most people opt for this country, situated in the South Pacific Ocean. It offers several benefits compared to those provided by the programs of the Caribbean nations and can be processed in a month or two.

Have you dreamt of being a citizen of Europe? Montenegro and Turkey are two nations that provide citizenship-by-investment programs in Europe.

The best part is that citizenship-by-investment programs for the two countries do not demand any academic or language requirements. Flaunt your Montenegrin passport, which grants visa-free or visa-on-arrival entry to 123 countries, compared to 117 countries for Turkish passport holders.

A financial commitment of at least 450,000 euros is required by Montenegro (including a donation of 200,000 euros).

For more details and expert advice related to your specific situation, contact DM Consultants at the earliest opportunity.

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