United Kingdom

Country overview

Made up of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom is an island country located off the northern coast of mainland Europe. As the birthplace of modern-day parliamentary democracy and the industrial revolution, the country today is one of the largest economies in Europe and a leading global trading center. Following a referendum in January 2020, the UK is no longer a part of the European Union. It is still a part of several major global institutions such as the Commonwealth, NATO, G7, G20, United Nations, and WTO, to name a few.

About the Country in Numbers

The UK is home to one of the oldest monuments in the world – Stonehenge. Although English is the official language in the country, there several different accents across the country. The UK ranks amongst one of the top countries in the world in terms of export.

67 millionPopulation

EconomyMixed Economy

Pound SterlingCurrency

GMT+1Time Zone


About UK Residency by Investment Program

Launched in 2008, the UK Tier 1 Investor Visa program provides high-net-worth individuals an opportunity to obtain a residence permit in the UK. To obtain their residence permit through this program, the investors are required to contribute a minimum of GBP 2 million in one or more UK registered companies or in UK government bonds. Aside from the ability to live and work in the UK, by acquiring a residence permit through the Tier 1 visa program, the investor can enjoy without any restrictions all the benefits that come with a UK passport. Additionally, by holding a UK permanent residence permit for a year and by residing in the country for a period of 5 or more years, applicants become eligible to apply for UK Citizenship.

Aside from the investment itself, there are certain other criterions that the investor needs to fulfill in order to acquire a residence permit through the Tier 1 Investor visa program. Some of the requirements include opening a UK bank account, reside in the UK for a specified period, and proof that the investment amount has been obtained in a legal manner. As one of the leading residency by investment agents, we here at DM Citizenship by Investment can help you acquire a UK residence permit. To know more about the program and how you can help, get in touch with our business immigration consultants today!

UK Investor Immigration Program Highlights

  • Route to UK Citizenship

    The program permits the applicant to reside within the country for a period of 40 months. After that he/she can extend their residency by 2 years and then apply for citizenship after completing 6 years.

  • Quality of the Life

    Minimum Investment Required is 50,000 Pounds.

  • Dependents

    The applicant can add his/her spouse and children under the age of 18 as dependents.

Program Benefits

By acquiring residency status or citizenship from UK, investors can open a world of opportunities for themselves. Aside from the benefits listed below, investors along with their family can enjoy life in a diverse and multicultural society with a wealth of opportunities available in every sector.

  • Reside in one of the best countries in the world in terms of infrastructure, healthcare, and education.
  • Opportunity to do business on a global scale.
  • Opportunity to obtain UK citizenship and passport
  • Upon securing a Canadian passport travel visa-free to more than 130+ countries including the EU states, Japan, and Singapore.
  • Citizenship rights can be passed down to future generations.

UK Business Immigration Programs

  • UK Innovator Visa

    Innovator Visa is aimed at experienced business people who are ready to set up an innovative business in the UK. The minimum required investment is £ 50,000 and you need to be endorsed by an endorsing body.

  • UK Sole Representative Visa

    Sole Representative is a UK visa category whose primary purpose is to allow a senior employee (individual) of an overseas business to enter the UK and establish, and run, a registered UK branch or a wholly-owned subsidiary of the business in the UK.

  • Tier 1 Investor Visa

    The Tier 1 Investor category is designed to allow high net worth individuals to make a substantial financial investment in the United Kingdom. The applicant investment required here is GBP 2 million.

The DM Difference

Here at DM Citizenship by Investment, we specialize in providing tailored residency and citizenship by investment solutions, so as to help them achieve their goals. From recommending the residency or citizenship program best suited to their needs to processing applications and providing timely advice, we are by your side every step of the way and shall help you in making the best investment decisions.


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Till date, DM has successfully processed thousands of successful citizenship and residency by investment applications from clients from around the globe.

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