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    Country overview

    Portugal is a country that does not require any introduction. The reason for Portugal’s strong position in the world is that they never settle for anything less. People of Portugal believe to be in the front line of every profession which is why Portugal’s economy is of the mixed type which depends on manufacturing, services, tourism, sports, and much more. Portugal has much more to offer to its citizens including the best education opportunities for higher studies, modern medical facilities, great cuisines, and world-famous adventurous sites.

    10.31 millionPopulation



    Western European Summer Time (GMT+1)Time Zone


    About Golden Visa Portugal:

    Portugal golden visa, is an opportunity for businessmen and investors that does not come again and again. It is an offer from the government of Portugal in which almost every intellectual investor should take part. Citizenship in Portugal is the best opportunity with the minimum investment of EUR 200,000 only within 5 years after processing of the application. By having a Golden Visa of Portugal, you will be able to enjoy life in the best of the countries of Europe. Investing for Citizenship in such a country that is providing you with the best opportunities to grow your business and at the same time, beautiful and breath-taking landscapes and beaches to enjoy your leisure time with family and loved ones are worth it.

    Program Highlights

    • Minimum Investment

      The minimum Investment for making yourself eligible for Citizenship in Portugal is EUR 200,000/-.

    • Free Mobility

      Get yourself a Golden Visa of Portugal now and enjoy the privilege of visa-free or on-arrival visa entry to all the countries included in Europe’s Schengen Area, however, the applicant will be allowed to work, study and live in Portugal only.

    • Dependents

      While applying for Portugal Residency Investment, you can also include dependents in the application to move along with you. Dependents may include spouses, parents, and children up to the age of 22.

    • Processing time

      Once you have invested in choosing the appropriate investment sector that suits you well, you will have to start the application process which will take almost 6 to 8 months to be completed.

      For making your application eligible for Citizenship by Investment Portugal and to get it approved as early as possible, it is recommended to submit the same in consultation with an expert. DM consultants can help you in this regard with the vast experience of their representatives and having a firm grip over the policies regarding citizenship processes.

    • Key benefit

      The best benefit of having Citizenship Investment in Portugal is you will be having a secured investment that is recognized all around the globe.

    • Tax

      Portugal is offering the best of everything to its citizens whether in the health sector, education department, trading opportunities, promoting sports activities, and all of the above all these benefits are given to the individuals with the minimum amount of tax imposed on worldwide income.

    Benefits of Portugal Residency Investment Program

    While applying for Citizenship in Portugal, you will be provided with the following benefits.

    • It takes only 6 to 9 months for an application to be processed, which is a very less amount of time as compared to other countries’ citizenship programs.
    • Once you have applied for citizenship in Portugal, there is no such requirement of staying or visiting Portugal during the process.
    • Easy and basic rules of dependents are being followed which include spouse, children under the age of 22, and parents.
    • The permanent citizenship in Portugal process can be initiated once you have successfully completed your 5 years in Portugal.
    • After availing of Citizenship in Portugal, you will be permissible to travel to over 175 countries including Europe’s Schengen Area.
    • Citizens of Portugal enjoy the pleasure of least taxes on worldwide income.
    • The government of Portugal provides the best education and health facilities to its citizens.
    • Dual citizenship is accepted in Portugal.
    • The requirement of staying in Portugal is very relaxed which is a minimum number of seven days in the first year and 14 days for the next two succeeding years.
    • With all the above benefits, you will be able to enjoy the best quality of life, cuisine, adventure, climate, and all of that in a maximum secure and safe place.


    • Eligibility Requirements

      Before going any further, it is pertinent to mention here that any candidate who is willing to apply for Citizenship by Investment Portugal must possess the following attributes.

      • He or she must possess an outstanding character, which may be verified by the concerned department of his homeland.
      • A certificate of no unlawful record against the candidate must be obtained from the government of the home country.
      • The candidate must also have to produce a sound health certificate.

      Portugal Residence Investment Options:

      Once you have made the mind to apply for the Portugal Residence by Investment, which is one of the best available citizenship programs achieved through investing, the following are the options that are offered to the candidates.

    • Capital Transfer

      Minimum Investment: EUR 200,000

      Candidates preferring capital transfer may avail of any of the following options.

      • Investment of 1.5 million Euros may be made either in the bank or any other investment scheme approved by the government of scheme.
      • To support and boost research work and technology, the government of Portugal will also consider an investment of EUR 500,000 in any organization that is a part of the National Scientific and Technological System, or a candidate may also invest EUR 400,000 but only in the area having low population.
      • The government of Portugal will also consider a candidate who will invest EUR 250,000 which will be supporting the industry of art or the same will be given to recover or maintain National Cultural Heritage or EUR 200,000 but in an area containing a lesser population.
    • Real Estate

      Minimum Investment: EUR 350,000

      A candidate who is interested in investing in property acquisition may opt for any of the following options.

      • Investment of at least EUR 500,000 which will be used only in purchasing approved real estate projects. Investment of EUR 400,000 in areas accommodating a limited number of people is also considerable.
      • An amount of at least EUR 350,000 should be invested in restoring old buildings that too only those which are approved by the government (minimum 30 years old).
    • Business Setup

      Minimum Investment:

      Apart from both above-mentioned investment options, there is one more that is as follows.

      • If a candidate can create a minimum number of 10 jobs in the city area by any amount of investment or 08 jobs in a remote area where the population is considerably less than the city, he will also be eligible to apply for Citizenship by Investment Portugal.
      • Purchasing shares amounting to EUR 500,000 of any company incorporated in the share market of Portugal will also make you eligible for applying for Golden Visa Portugal.

      Definition of low population area as defined under the law of the government of Portugal is any square km area accommodating less than 100 people or any square km area of whose people earning per capita Gross Domestic Product less than 75% of the national average.

    • Process Overview:

      Starting from the very first step, the candidate first has to choose one of the investment types that best suits him. Once the decision has been made as to what investment type to opt, documentation work for will be initiated. Candidates can also hire the services of DM consultants to take care of these documentation processes including the opening of a bank account, biometrics, and other required processes. In the meantime, the representative of the DM consultant will also be preparing documents and information that is to be submitted along with the application for Citizenship Investment in Portugal.

    • Prerequisite Check

      It is always suggested to recheck all the documents and information provided in the application form to save your time and money, as it has been witnessed many times that a candidate due to mismanagement or human error suffered a lot because once your application becomes suspicious it is very difficult to gain the confidence of the authority. Hence, checking all the information provided in the application and making sure that all the required documents are legal and authorized will benefit the candidate. Hiring services of DM consultant for such re-checking will tie the know even more efficiently.

    • Submission of the Application:

      Once the representative of the DM consultant has assured you about the authenticity of your application, you may submit it for getting issued the residence permit. As per the policy of the Government of Portugal, this residence permit is issued with a time limit of one year only. But in recent times to avoid the spread of Covid, they do not allow people to go outside without any genuine reason and the government has changed the time limit of this residence permit to 02 years.

    • Extension of Residence Permit:

      This residence permit is extendible up to two succeeding periods of two years each. Extending this residence permit will, however, requires biometric verification and submission of original updated documents to provide biometric data and updated original documents.

    • Due Diligence Check:

      The government of Portugal has set up a very dedicating board whose responsibility is to check and verify every detail provided in the application for Citizenship Investment in Portugal. A single mistake or overlooking of any information can lead to some serious issues, which is why the application of every individual is given attention and checked thoroughly. DM consultants are offering you to look after your citizenship process vigilantly so that every detail will be filled out in your application in a proficient manner and all the required documents are attached professionally.

    • Processing Time:

      Due to very strict verification rules adopted by the government of Portugal, every single application may take 6 to 9 months in getting approval. However, keeping in view the precious time and commitments the candidates had to follow on daily basis, the Government of Portugal has not put any restrictions on staying in the Country all this time.

    • Required Visits:

      The applicant, in case, is not residing in Portugal, has to visit the Country twice, but for a few days only until his application has not got approved for a residence permit.

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    We assists international clients in obtaining residence and citizenship under the respective programs.

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