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    Country Overview

    The Republic of Cyprus is an Island country near the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. It is known for its stable climate, sunshine for over 300 days, and excellent beaches, and it is a fantastic place to invest and reside in Europe. Cyprus became a vital member of the British Commonwealth in 1961 and joined the European Union in 2004.

    The country is an advanced, high-income economy adopting the euro currency in 2008. It has a very high score on the Human Development Index and is currently ranked 29th globally.

    Cyprus has a well-established offshore banking sector that offers the lowest corporation taxes in the EU, making it an attractive option for international tax planning. In addition, free trade is allowed within the European Union, and the island has signed double taxation treaties with many countries. Its location at the crossroads of Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East makes it an ideal destination for free travel and business expansion. English is widely spoken and understood for both business and everyday life.

    About Cyprus Residency by Investment

    The Cyprus Residency by Investment is a fast-track program for investors from Non-European Union countries to process permanent residency applications in a minimum of two months. If you purchase property in Cyprus with a value of at least EUR 300,000, you may be eligible for certain benefits or privileges. The residency program can lead to Cyprus Citizenship by Investment. The country’s citizens and residents get excellent opportunities for business and investment, with a wide range of options for investors. Real estate yields and prices have bounced back strongly since hitting their lowest points during the global financial crisis. You can get eligible to apply for citizenship after 5 years which is an excellent way to secure a second passport from a European country. Cyprus has paused its direct citizenship by investment program since November 1, 2020.

    Program Highlights

    • Minimum Investment

      A minimum investment of EUR 300,000/- in real estate is mandatory to make yourself eligible for this Cyprus Residency program. You can also invest the same amount in a physically operating company with at least five employees or in recognised Cyprus Investment Funds.

    • Increased Mobility

      Cyprus residency allows hassle-free access to European Union countries and many other countries. Its passport has a global ranking of 8th globally and allows visa-free or visa-on-arrival facilities to 170 countries.

    • Include Dependents

      You can also include spouses and dependents in the Cyprus permanent residency permit application. Dependent children can be included up to the age of 25. It offers insurance for you and your family against unforeseen circumstances.

    • Processing time

      It has a simple process with no medical examination or interview required. The PR permit application can be processed between 2-6 months after the investment is completed as per norms. DM Immigration Consultants can help you secure this Cyprus Investor Visa without hassles.

    • Key benefit

      Cyprus is an important EU country, and investment in the country gives you a second home in a strategic location. You and your family can live and travel freely within the EU as a permit holder. You must enter the country only once in two years after getting PR. You also get social assistance and social protection.

    • Favourable Taxes

      If you spend 183 or more days in Cyprus, you will be liable for taxation as a resident. However, paying taxes can grant you tax residency in the country. Cyprus offers a welcoming tax system for foreigners interested in moving there. You can set up a business in Cyprus or establish a Cyprus company for trading, which comes with substantial tax advantages.

    Benefits of the Cyprus Residency by Investment Program

    The Cyprus Permanent Residence Permit is usually valid for five years and can be renewed before expiration. This visa, also known as the Cyprus Golden Visa, is granted to those who have held a Temporary Residence Permit in Cyprus for at least five years. The second is the fastest option. We offer services if you purchase property in Cyprus for at least EUR 300,000. The benefits of PR include:

    • Various investment options, such as real estate, bonds, shares, bank deposits, and even your own business (if it’s held in property), are available.
    • The PR visa application takes at least 2 months to be processed and has a high approval rate.
    • It is possible to arrange the entire process remotely, except for biometric capturing, which requires physical presence in the country.
    • There are no language requirements, medical tests, or interviews needed.
    • Discover the opportunities to live, study, and conduct business in Cyprus.
    • You can bring your dependents, such as your spouse, children, parents, and parents’ in-laws.
    • The country requires a minimum stay period. Just one visit is required every two years. You can extend PR after five years and get eligible for Cypriot citizenship with your family.
    • Travel freely across Europe and other countries and extend citizenship benefits to future generations.
    • Cyprus also accepts dual citizenship.
    • Tax benefits for residents
    • The best education and health facilities

    Requirements for Cyprus Investor Visa from Dubai

    Eligibility Requirements

    To obtain residency in Cyprus Visa from Dubai, as an investor, one must invest a minimum of EUR 300,000 into the country’s economy. Additionally, they must meet the following eligibility criteria:

    • Be at least 18,
    • Possess a clean criminal record certificate,
    • Prove that the funds belong to them and are acquired from a foreign source.

    The following are the investment options to secure permanent residency in Cyprus:

      • Purchase a residential property

        You can purchase a maximum of two new houses or apartments from any developer if their combined sale price is at least EUR 300,000 (excluding VAT).

      • Buy commercial real estate, such as shops, offices, hotels, etc. The combined value of the purchases must be at least EUR 300,000, excluding VAT. The investor can buy resale properties.
      • Investing in the share capital of a company in Cyprus.
        A Cyprus-registered company must actively trade and have a physical presence in Cyprus to be eligible for investment. The company must also employ at least five individuals, and a minimum investment of EUR 300,000 is required in its share capital.
      • You must purchase units valued at a minimum of EUR 300,000 in alternative investment funds (AIFs). There are two types of AIFs: AIFLNP, which is limited to a specific number of individuals, and RAIF, a registered fund with no limit on the number of participants.


    Documents Required

    To obtain a Cyprus residency through an investment visa, you will need to provide the following documents:

    • Copies of the applicant’s passport
    • Applicant’s CV
    • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
    • Child’s birth certificate (if applicable)
    • The applicant must furnish a Police Clearance Certificate from their country of residence.
    • Proof of sufficient annual income from abroad
    • Proof that the required investment amount has been transferred from abroad
    • Proof of relationship with parents/parents-in-law (if applicable)
    • Proof of tertiary education if the child is between 18 and 25
    • Documents related to investments, such as title deeds, sale or purchase agreements, share purchase agreements, and memorandums of the investment fund.

    All the documents need to be translated into English.

    Application Process

    The application process for Cyprus Residency by Investment involves the following steps:

    • Know the requirements and arrange all the documents
    • Receive the investor visa and make all the investments as per the requirements
    • Apply accurately to the Civil Registry and Migration Department (CRMD) and align with documentation proof
    • Pay the visa fees
    • CRMD will expedite and submit the application process to the Ministry of Interior.
    • Wait for approval; The Cyprus immigration authorities usually process an application for 2 to 6 months.

    Covering this immigration journey alone can prove complicated; hence an authorised representative is recommended to ease the process.

    DM The Difference

    Candidates applying for Cyprus Residency by Investment can hire the professional services of DM CBI Consultants in Dubai. Our expert advisors will explain your investment options and assist you with the application process. We’ll also ensure you have all the information you need for your application submission. Our comprehensive services cover all the necessary steps to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible:

    • Process Overview

      Our team of knowledgeable consultants offers a free session to educate candidates on the application process, eligibility guidelines, and investment opportunities available in Cyprus. Once candidates have gained a sufficient understanding from our consultants, they can communicate their specific requirements, and the documentation work for the application process will then commence.

    • Review documents

      We thoroughly review all documents and information in the application form to prevent mistakes caused by mismanagement or human error. Ensuring accurate information will save you time and money, as minor mistakes can lead to suspicion and harm your candidacy. Gaining the confidence of authority requires effort.

    • Application Submission

      Once the DM consultant has reviewed the necessary documents and application materials, they will give the green light if everything is in order. At that point, it is possible to apply for residence permits. We will ensure the accurate details to avoid any rejections due to negligence.

    • Due Diligence Check

      When applying for Residency by Investment in Cyprus, the immigration authorities verify all the details provided in the application. At DM, we give every individual’s application our full attention and review it thoroughly. We are vigilant in examining your application process to ensure you complete all the necessary details in your application and submit all the required documents.


    Cyprus Citizenship by Investment program through direct investment is paused for now. But an individual can apply for citizenship after holding an investment visa for five years and maintaining permanent residency for seven years. To be eligible, the applicant must provide evidence of residing in their country of choice for at least 1825 days.
    The minimum investment required for residency by Investment in Cyprus is EUR 300,000. It can be done in the form of real estate investment in residential or commercial property, investment in a company physically present in Cyprus with at least 5 employees, and investment in government-recognised funds.
    Cyprus, Malta, Greece, and Portugal are among the countries that offer the easiest path to obtaining a permanent residency permit. However, the process may vary depending on the country's immigration policies, specific requirements, and the applicant's circumstances.
    Cyprus residency allows hassle-free access to European Union countries. You can get a Schengen Visa quickly to travel across the Schengen Area. Its passport allows visa-free or visa-on-arrival facilities to 170 countries.
    No, purchasing land does not qualify an investor to apply for a permanent residency permit under this category. You can invest in 1 or more residential or commercial real estate properties.

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    We assists international clients in obtaining residence and citizenship under the respective programs.

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