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    Country overview

    Australia, located in the Southern Hemisphere, is more than a country and seems like a continent. It is a former British Colony, and like the United Kingdom, the land Down Under has a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy.

    Australia is a stable and culturally diverse nation boasting one of the strongest-performing economies in the world. The service sector primarily supports the economy. It offers many immigration programs like the Australian Residence by Investment programe to attract foreign investment and further boost the economy.

    Australia is an essential nation among prominent international organisations, including the United Nations, Commonwealth, G20, WTO, and the Pacific Community. Australian people are friendly, positive, resourceful and realistic towards strangers. Its system can be termed a knowledge-based economy, with IT playing a pivotal role. The core values based on equality, respect, and freedom are central to the success of this vibrant nation and lay the base for Australia’s success, social cohesion, and a shared future to which everyone belongs.

    Australia in Numbers

    Australia has unique landscapes, natural wonders, and rich ancient culture. It is the sixth-largest country in land and the only country to span a whole continent. Although more than 85% of Australia is uninhabited, it is one of the most heavily urbanised countries in the world.

    Another interesting fact is that the number of sheep outnumbers humans by a ratio of 3:1 in the country. It houses over 25 million people from various cultural, religious, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds.

    Indigenous people in Australia have lived on and managed the land Down Under for over 60,000 years.

    Australia has always welcomed immigrants and has many programs, including the Australian Residence by Investment program. Over 30 per cent of Australian residents were born overseas. English is the national language, but more than 300 languages are still spoken in Australian homes. This diversity of influences generates a cultural environment in Australia that is lively, energised, innovative and outward-looking.

    25 millionPopulation

    EconomyMixed Economy

    Australian DollarsCurrency

    GMT+10Time Zone


    About Australian Residency by Investment Program

    The Australian Business and Investment Visa program subclass 188, also known as Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa 188) was set up by the government to invite investments from high-net-worth foreign nationals. Subclass 188 visa allows individuals to create and manage a business in Australia, perform Investment and business activity in Australia or undertake an entrepreneurial activity in Australia. The main reason behind the program is to bring significant economic benefits to the country. An engaging business plan demonstrating the viability and the benefits of the applicant’s proposed business is a vital asset when included with the application.

    To be eligible for Australia Investment by Residence program, the applicant has to express interest (EOI) in specific SkillSelect in-demand in the region. The applicant gets nominated by a State or Territorial government agency or Austrade and receives an invitation to apply for the visa.

    Applicants can invest in three available streams: Business Innovation Stream, Investor Stream, and Significant Investor Stream. These temporary visas offer applicants an opportunity to acquire Australian Permanent Residence from the country after three years if they fulfil specific residence and investment criteria. The visas obtained through this program have a validity of five years.

    Requirements of Australian Residency by Investment program

    The requirements for the Australian Residency by Investment program are:
    All the income that you will earn from the investment is subject to taxation under Australian law.

    • The investor must show commitment to continuing investment and business activity in Australia after the expiry of the provisional visa.
    • The investor should have an individual net worth of more than AUD 15 million or combined with a spouse. Proofs of net worth will need to be submitted upon request.
    • The applicant and their dependent must have a clean record of investment or business activities.
    • The investor agrees to file no legal complaint against the Commonwealth of Australia for any loss due to their investment.

    As the leading residency by investment consultant, we at DM Citizenship & Residency by Investment can assist you in the Australian visa application process. Contact us today and get started on your Australian journey.

    Program Highlights

    • Route to Permanent Residence

      Reside in Australia for five years and get an opportunity to apply for and earn Business Innovation and Investment visa permanently.

    • Quality of the Life

      Benefit from Australia’s well-known healthcare, education, and business infrastructure to secure a prosperous future for yourself and your family.

    • Dependents

      The applicant can add their spouse and children under 18 as dependents to take them to Australia and avail of all the benefits.

    Australian Citizenship and Passport Benefits

    Australian passport holders can travel to around 181 countries without any visa requirements. The country also has a favourable tax system, with investors exempted from paying net assets and capital taxes. Listed below are some of the benefits of acquiring Australian citizenship and a passport:

    Live in one of the world’s best countries regarding business infrastructure, healthcare, educational system and living standards.

    • Can do business worldwide
    • Travel without a visa to more than 180 countries, including the European Union states, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Russia.
    • Citizenship rights can be passed to future generations
    • Work in the public service and can serve in the armed forces
    • Vote to elect members of Parliament and also can stand for Parliament


    Citizenship comes up with responsibilities. Citizens are required to:

    • obey the laws of the land
    • defend the country when the need arises
    • serve on a jury if required
    • enrol on federal and state or territorial electoral registers,
    • vote in elections.

    The Australian Residence by Investment programe can be an easy pathway to Australian citizenship. Get in touch with our expert Residence Planning advisor in UAE to check if you are eligible for this program.

    Subclass 188 Visa Streams

    • Business Innovation Stream

      This temporary visa is for people with business skills via the SkillSelect process. It lets them operate a new or existing business in Australia. They must be nominated by an Australian State or Territorial Government agency. This process requires a “Points Test,” English Language and EOI requirements. The Business Innovation stream would offer a two-year extension if you owned the subclass 188 visa for three years, giving you six years (provisional status) from the issue date of the visa.

    • Investor Stream

      This provisional visa requires the Holder to invest at least AUD 1.5 Million designated investment in a State or Territory in Australia and maintain business or investment activity in Australia. They must be nominated by an Australian State or Territorial Government agency. This category requires the primary applicant to spend two years in Australia before progressing to Permanent Residency.

    • Significant Investor Stream

      This provisional visa requires the Holder to invest at least AUD 5 Million in Australian investments that meet eligibility criteria and maintain investment activity in Australia. They must be nominated by an Australian State, Territorial Government agency, or Austrade. After 4 years, applicants can apply for permanent residence in Australia through the subclass 888 Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa.

    The DM Difference

    Here at DM Citizenship & Residency by Investment, we specialise in offering tailored residency and citizenship-by-investment solutions to assist customers in achieving their goals. From recommending the residency or citizenship program according to their requirements to helping in processing applications and giving timely advice, we are by your side every step in Residence by Investment from Dubai. We shall help you make the best investment decisions, and Australian Residence by Investment is one of them.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Australian Residency by Investment program

    According to the Australian Department of Immigration, to become an Australia Citizen, you should be living in Australia for four years with absences of less than twelve months or living in Australia for the last twelve months as a permanent holder of a visa with absences of less than three months. The other requirements are good character and adequate knowledge of your privileges and responsibilities as an Australian citizen.
    Yes, Australia encourages foreigners to invest in their country, boosting their nation's economic growth. Australia continues to benefit from foreign investment by offering capital to support new industries and improve existing initiatives, expanding infrastructure and productivity, and creating employment opportunities. Australia Residence by Investment is one program to attract foreign investment and boost the economy.
    The applicants can be granted a five-year visa for an Investment of AUD 1.25 million or more. They must have stayed in Australia for a minimum of two years to obtain Australia Permanent Residence or Citizenship. Also, they should already have Subclass 160/165 Business Skills Provisional Visa. Contact us now to check your eligibility.
    To know if you qualify to apply for Australian Residence by investment, you can book a consultation with us. You can speak with our licensed advisor, who will assess your eligibility, advise on your visa options for Australia, and explain the immigration process. Contact our Residence by Investment consultant in UAE today.
    Yes, Australia allows Dual Citizenship. But it works both ways if your native country also allows dual citizenship. You become eligible for Australian citizenship if you have an Australian parent, were born and raised in the country, or have been living in Australia legally for a certain amount of time.
    Securing an Australian passport will mean you can travel visa-free to more than 180 countries, including Russia, Singapore, the UK, and other European Union States.

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    We assists international clients in obtaining residence and citizenship under the respective programs.

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