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    Country overview

    Canada ranks as the second largest country globally in terms of area. Thanks to its vast oil reserves and solid service sector, it is one of the wealthiest nations. Canada is part of the Commonwealth, a former British Colony, and has a monarchy government. It is an essential member of influential international organisations such as the United Nations, G7, G20, NATO, WTO etc. The province of Ottawa is the country’s capital, while Toronto holds the designation as the largest city.

    Canada is among the top destinations for investors as it is the safest country to live in. It has a stable macroeconomy among all G7 nations and the lowest new business tax rates. After securing an Investment visa in Canada, you can expand your business and expect a higher return on investments as the country allows easy business and has free trade agreements with over 50 countries.

    The country offers high quality of life (regularly ranked among the top 3 countries worldwide). It is known for affordability, quality education and better healthcare, individual freedom, political stability, and environmental protection. Toronto is the largest city in Canada, while Ottawa is the country’s capital. Canada has rich natural resources, lovely national parks, historical landmarks, fascinating landscapes, etc.

    DM Consultant is helping clients to invest in Canada for citizenship by providing registered Canada Citizenship by Investment Program consultants. Schedule a FREE session with our expert consultants today to inch closer to your Canadian immigration dreams.

    Country in Numbers

    Canada is the second largest country globally in terms of area, comprising ten provinces and three territories. The country has the longest coastline; with around 563 lakes mostly around Canada and the USA boundary, contain 18% of the world’s fresh lake water and nearly accommodate a third of the Canadian population. It also has the most extensive international border and an impressive literacy rate of 99%. It has two official languages in English and French. Canada also has the higher immigration rates in the world, and investment in Canada for citizenship is one of the programs,

    38 millionPopulation

    EconomyMixed Economy

    Canadian DollarCurrency

    GMT-6Time Zone

    English & FrenchLanguages

    About Citizenship by Investment Canada

    Canada is rated among the wealthiest countries, with a solid trade market and high per-capita income. It has vast oil reserves and a stable service sector. The North American country offers various investor immigration programs to invite experienced entrepreneurs and investors to contribute to the economy. Canada Investment Visa provides Canada permanent residence to those who wish to start a new business, franchise, or expand an existing business.

    The program has no requirements for education qualification or age limits. Additionally, upon receiving a Canada investment visa, investors can apply for their spouse and dependent children under the age of 21. The average time to process and get approval for an investor visa can take around 1-2 years.

    An investment migration to Canada  is an opportunity to organise business in one of the strong economies globally and a pathway to acquiring permanent residency and citizenship.

    Canadian Immigration programs by investment

    The following options are available for residence by investment in Canada:

    Canada Intra Company Transfers program- ICT

    ICT permits qualified foreign business owners to transfer their businesses to Canada under the International Mobility Program. It helps expand your business from your home country to Canada! It can lead to permanent residency after one year of business in Canada.

    Canada Owner Operator LMIA program

    Canada offers various immigration and provincial nominee programs to attract top entrepreneurs. Employers wishing to hire skilled workers can receive a work permit through the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) pathway.

    Canada Start Up Visa Residence Program

    The Canada Start Up Visa Residence Program attracts international entrepreneurs to set up a new businesses in Canada. It leads to permanent residence and eventually citizenship.

    Program Highlights of Canada Investment visa

    Canada residence by investment program is a pathway for Canadian citizenship. A Canadian citizen can benefit from Free Education, Universal Healthcare, and numerous other social benefits. Listed are some more such benefits of Canada residence by investment program.

    • Higher living standards
    • It offers the highest living standards, affordable education, and healthcare facilities.
    • Family Inclusion
    • You can include family in the Canada business investment visa application. Live and work in Multicultural, vibrant, and tolerant cities.
    • Grow your Business
    • Top place to expand the business, with access to the whole North American market
    • Minimal qualifications
    • It requires minimal application requirements, no age restriction, net worth, and no higher education needed.

    • Investment

      The Minimum Investment Required (Under the Provincial Nominee Program of Novia Scotia) is CAD 150,000. The Investor is required to have a net worth of over CAD 600,000.

    • Mobility

      With a Canada passport by investment, you can travel freely to more than 172 countries without visa restrictions. Its passport is globally ranked fourth.

    • Citizenship Eligibility

      To be eligible for the Canada citizenship investment program, the applicant must be a permanent resident and have resided in Canada for a minimum of three years in the last five years.

    Canada Residency by Investment Requirements

    Through Canada Residency by Investment program, Canada encourages foreign investments in the country. The investor is expected to boost the economy by expanding business or promising start-up business, approved by a designated organization for Canada PR by investment. It has the following requirements.
    Through its range of Investor immigration programs, the country currently offers investment options in government programs or government-approved businesses. Depending on your chosen province and program, businesspeople must contribute between CAD 150,000 – 800,000. You also must fit in the required net worth to qualify for the program.
    Other requirements:

    • Proficient in English or French language
    • Be in good health
    • Have no criminal record

    As an authorised Canadian Business Immigration agent, DM Citizenship by Investment can assist you in acquiring Canadian citizenship by Investment. Please send us an inquiry today to learn more about the investor program or how we can guide you with your application!

    Business investment Visa Canada PNP Streams

    • Entrepreneur Stream: Nova Scotia

      Minimum Investment: CAD 150,000

      Under the Nova Scotia Nominee Program, the Entrepreneur Stream is an immigration and citizenship program designed to attract experienced business owners, accomplished business managers, and experienced entrepreneurs who want to establish or acquire a business in the province.

    • Business Investor Stream: Manitoba

      Minimum Investment: CAD 150,000

      The Business Investor Stream under the Manitoba PNP, encourages qualified foreign investors and entrepreneurs to invest in Canada for citizenship by establishing an existing business or acquiring a business in Manitoba.

    • Entrepreneur Stream: British Columbia

      Minimum Investment: $200,000

      The British Columbia authorities encourage immigrants to contribute to their economy through the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program Entrepreneur Stream. This immigration and citizenship program offers attractive benefits for entrepreneurs interested in owning, buying, or operating a business in British Columbia.

    • Business Investor Stream: Saskatchewan

      Minimum Investment: CAD 200,000

      Saskatchewan, Canada, attracts immigrants to add to their economy through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. This platform allows investment in Canada to acquire citizenship. The immigration and citizenship program features an Entrepreneur Category, which offers promising benefits for entrepreneurs interested in meeting its Canadian citizenship requirements and operating a business or owning one in Saskatchewan.

    • Business Investor Stream: Quebec

      Minimum Investment: CAD 1.2 Mil

      This Program allows business immigrant to obtain Canada permanent residence with investment of CAD 1.2 million without any risks via an authorised financial intermediary or financing that investment. The QIIP is an option for the candidates of business immigration seeking to invest in Canada for citizenship.

    Note: The QIIP is temporarily not accepting applications. The program is set to reopen in April 2023.

    DM Citizenship by Investment specialises in providing customised solutions for PR by investment in Canada to help clients in Dubai achieve their goals. From recommending a suitable Canada permanent residency through investment to processing immigration applications and offering timely advice, we are by your side every step. We shall help you in making the best investment migration to Canada. Our main features:

    Secure your investment based PR in Canada through DM

    Here at DM Citizenship by Investment, we specialise in providing customised solutions for Residence by Investment from Dubai to help clients achieve their goals. From recommending a suitable residency or citizenship program to processing immigration applications and offering timely advice, we are by your side every step. We shall help you in making the best investment decisions. Our main features:


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    1000+ Successful Applications

    DM has successfully processed thousands of citizenship and residency by investment applications from clients worldwide. We give details of Residence by Investment Programs.

    Our services include

    • Documentation

      Our Canada investment permanent residency experts shall help you prepare all the documents and your application as per the country’s policies and program guidelines.

    • Online Registration

      We strive to deliver a hassle-free service wherein the number of touchpoints from contacting us to receiving your Canada investor permanent residence is minimal. Register online today to avail our services.

    • We Will Call

      Once we’ve reviewed and vetted your application and documents, a member of the immigration team shall get in touch with you to help guide you through the next step of residency by investment Canada.

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      Once all is good. We’ll formally apply on your behalf and shall be with your every step of the way. We are the leading residence by investment in Canada consultant in UAE.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Canada Residence by Investment Program

    Yes, you can apply for permanent residence after investment which can lead to citizenship. The Canada Investment Visa is an option for foreign investors who can bring business to Canada by starting a new business, launching or importing a franchise, or expanding business in Canada. The applicant can invest in the government or a business under this program.
    It can cost around CAD 250,000 and CAD 350,000 to get citizenship in Canada by investment. There can be additional costs for operating a business in Canada, whether expanding or starting a new business. Call DM Citizenship by Investment consultants today to know more about investment opportunities in Canada.
    Citizenship by investment guarantees a permanent stay in the country where you can avail all the benefits and pass them on to the next generation. Residency by investment permits to stay in Canada for five years and avail of specific but not all benefits. You can apply for citizenship after visiting Canada for a minimum of three years.
    Yes! If you are approved for a Canadian Investor Visa, you may bring your spouse and children under 21 years old. If you apply under Manitoba province, you can also get your immediate siblings.
    There are many investment requirements for each investor program in Canada to get permanent residency and, eventually, citizenship. The authorities can offer a work permit in 10 days for entrepreneurs or less. However, getting a Canada investment visa may take 1 to 2 years. You can acquire knowledge by learning about the Provincial Nominee Investor Programs. Contact DM for more details.

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    We assists international clients in obtaining residence and citizenship under the respective programs.

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