Portuguese Golden Visa and Citizenship Program

Portugal Golden Visa is a quick pathway for gaining permanent residence and citizenship. The most accessible country to get citizenship in the European Union is Portugal. The country offers one of the most affordable and flexible investment options for citizenship. After five years and 35 days overall stay, you can gain Portuguese permanent residency, dual citizenship and a second passport in Portugal (EU passport). Unlike other European countries, you do not need to reside in Portugal during that period to obtain citizenship via the Golden Visa route. You only need to spend seven days per year in the country. The Golden Visa permit in Portugal is initially valid for two years, and you can renew it later until the fifth year. Portugal Golden Visa approval fee per family member is EUR 5,325, and renewal fees are 50% of those rates. The application processing and renewal fees are EUR 533 for the principal applicant plus EUR 84 per family member.

Portugal Golden Visa Benefits

When considering a Golden Visa program, a country’s quality of life, safety and peacefulness are significant factors. Portugal Golden Visa Benefits and top ten ranking on Global Peace Index 2022 (sixth) create an unmatched European investment program and country.

The Golden Visa investment options are affordable, offering a minimum investment of 280 thousand in real estate and EUR 250 thousand in capital transfer. The applicant can include dependents in the application and enjoy visa-free travel to European Union countries and Schengen Area after approval. You can also avail of tax advantages, quality education and better healthcare facilities.

However, the real estate investment route was limited to autonomous areas of the Azores and Madeira or the interior territories in Portugal to qualify for Portugal Golden Visa 2023 after changes in rules and regulations effective last year.

An investor will no longer be able to get a property in major cities such as Lisbon or Porto or coastal towns in Algarve under this program. But those qualified regions are considered suitable options for investment by investors worldwide and show promising signs of return on investment.

Powerful passport

The global ranking on Passport Index 2023 shows Portugal at joint three with visa-free travel to 173 countries. Portugal’s passport is powerful as it has cordial relations with neighbouring countries, is part of the Schengen Zone and the European Union, and has strong diplomatic relations with countries across various continents. The Portuguese golden visa and citizenship program grants the applicant a second passport, enabling him to avail of the benefits of Portuguese citizenship.

Portuguese passport advantages:

  • Visa-free to 173 countries as a European citizen
  • Enjoy Portugal’s mild climate, good healthcare services and quality education.
  • Portugal is a safe and secure European country, offering a high quality of life at a low cost.
  • Free movement inside the country and to other nearby countries
  • Authorised to work and live in any European Union country.
  • Can transfer citizenship to family

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