Portugal Golden Visa Investment Requirements – Flexible and Beneficial

Portugal Golden Visa is the most popular citizenship program in Europe as its requirements are flexible and beneficial. Real Estate investment is the most sought investment in Portugal due to varied options and affordability. Capital Investment is also finding traction. Golden Visa Portugal opens the gateway to Europe through its residency by investment program. Portugal Golden Visa Investment Requirements begin with qualified investment in Portugal, and an applicant can get residency as soon as four months. The investment grants temporary residence for five years and requires just seven days of stay per year to be eligible for permanent residency or citizenship. The successful applicant can include family, travel to all Schengen countries with family and avail of healthcare and education benefits besides safety, security, and high living standards.

Eligibility Requirements

Golden Visa Portugal can secure your European Union residency with good returns on your investments. To become eligible for a golden visa in Portugal, the applicant needs to fulfil the following requirements:

  • The applicant must be a minimum of 18 years old
  • Downloaded Visa application form from the Portugal visa portal
  • Copy of passport, photographs and relevant travel details
  • Clean criminal record certificate from the Police
  • Medical certificate proving good state of health
  • Bank account and NIF number
  • Investment proof in Portugal and maintenance for five years
  • Required documents related to the investment
  • Receipt of Visa application fees
  • Application Submission

Portugal Golden Visa Minimum Investment

Portugal Residency by Investment needs a minimum investment of EUR 280,000 in real estate and EUR 250,000 in Capital Investment. Through Portugal golden visa minimum investment, you can get eligible for Portugal permanent residency and citizenship. After you have decided to invest in Portugal, the following are the options offered to the candidates.

Real Estate: Purchase a property worth at least EUR 500,000. If the investment is in a low-density area of Portugal, the minimum amount is EUR 400,000.

Invest EUR 350,000 in a property in a Portuguese urban regeneration area (minimum 30 years old). If the investment amount is in a low-density area, the minimum amount required is EUR 280,000. The project must qualify for investment by the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service – SEF.

Capital Investment: Invest a minimum EUR 350,000 in an ongoing Portuguese business (for minimum 3 years).

The applicant can also make an exact amount of investment in a certified private equity fund or ventured capital fund, aimed at providing support in the form of capital to companies that meet specific requirements.

Capital Transfer: You can also transfer the capital of at least EUR 1.5 million to a Portuguese bank account.

Donation: A financial contribution of at least EUR 250,000 is required to conserve Portugal’s national heritage or support artistic production.

A financial contribution of at least EUR 350,000 to a research and development institution part of Portugal’s national scientific or technological system.

Job Creation: Creation of ten full-time jobs. It is the lowest-cost investment option to qualify you for the Portugal Golden Visa.

The qualification may be lower to eight permanent occupations in low-density areas.

Portugal Golden Visa Fees from UAE

The Portugal Golden Visa Program granting residency by investment is open to all non-European Union Citizens, including UAE citizens and residents.

Like other non-EU countries, Portugal Golden Visa Fees from UAE for a primary applicant for initial submission and renewal is EUR 533, and for each dependant applicant, EUR 84. Golden Visa Portugal’s approval fee for each applicant is EUR 5,325, and renewal is EUR 2,663. Portugal’s Temporary Resident Fee is EUR 73, and its Permanent Residence Permit Fee is EUR 222. Fees are subject to change and are determined by the Portuguese government.

The principal applicant must perform the Golden Visa investment as an individual. The only exception is the transfer of the capital of at least EUR 1.5 million. With that capital, the principal applicant can establish a Portuguese company, and the company can invest on behalf of the investor with that capital.

The investment in real estate can be subjected to additional government charges like IMT Transfer Tax stamp duty, surveyor fees, notary fees, land registry costs, property taxes and legal fees.

After going through the above Portugal golden visa investment opportunitiesyou can select the investment optionYou must consult various legal experts to pick a suitable investment in Portugal. DM Citizenship by Investment consultants has the team and authorisation to make you aware of legal investment opportunities and help you in the application process.

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