Secure Your Future Through Portugal Golden Visa for Family

Golden Visa Portugal authorises the applicant’s dependent family members to accompany them. They earn the right to work, study, travel, live secure permanent residency, and later Portuguese citizenship. Including family members is one of the significant advantages of Portugal Golden Visa, which is why it is regarded as the most popular and successful residency by investment and citizenship by investment visa program in the world.

Portugal Golden Visa Program opens the gates for the applicant and his family to live in Europe and enjoy visa-free travel to Schengen countries, offers tax benefits and gives a sense of safety, security, and a better standard of life. The Golden Visa program requires a certain amount of investment in the country and offers affordable real estate investment opportunities.

The path to permanent residence and citizenship is smooth. You become eligible for permanent residency or citizenship after five years of availing Portuguese Golden Visa without the need to reside in Portugal full-time. The applicants and their families require only a visit to Portugal for two weeks every two years to renew the Golden Visas through this period. Citizenship and a second passport of Portugal authorise you and your family to live, work and study anywhere in the European Union.

Educational and Healthcare Benefits

Besides the above general benefits, there are more privileges associated with Portugal Golden Visa for Family, like educational and health benefits.

The educational system in Portugal is top quality and offers families many options of schools and colleges to help children grow in a competitive atmosphere with ample opportunities opening worldwide.

Your children can get admission to Public and local schools for free. They will have to learn Portuguese, allowing children to soak in local culture and make new friendships.

If you have a reasonable budget for education, there are good private international schools to mould your children into global citizens. Private International schools teach in English, have smaller class sizes, more extracurricular activities, and modern advanced training and facilities.

As a Golden Visa Portugal holder, if you reside in the country for less than 180 days, you will be classified as a temporary resident. Therefore, you will still need to qualify for resident/citizen insurance, but private insurance in Portugal is affordable.

After five years and obtaining permanent residency/citizenship, the principal permit holder and family will qualify for free healthcare in Portugal.

Eligibility of Family Members

The following is a list of the family members allowed to receive the golden visa benefits.

  • Spouse or legal life partner;
  • Children under the age of 18 (biological or adopted);
  • Dependent children under 26, single, and studying in school;
  • Parents of either spouse 66 years or older;
  • Parents of either spouse 55 years or older and dependent;
  • Siblings of either spouse 18 years or younger and legally responsible.

You must include all the family members in the primary application, and submission should preferably be at the same time. The application process for direct applicants and family members is almost identical, and the benefits are also the same.

To be eligible for Portugal Golden Visa for Family, you must make a minimum real estate investment of EUR 280,000. In contrast, the minimum capital transfer in a donation is only EUR 250,000. It is optional to shift to Portugal and keep the permit for residence; a seven-day stay in the country per year will suffice.

The process can be complex, and the stringent requirements can derail your immigration journey with a minor mistake. It is always advisable to hire professional services. DM Citizenship by Investment has the experience and infrastructure to help you and your family migrate to Portugal through the residency by investment option.

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