Key Advantages of Portugal Golden Visa – Eligibility for Second Passport

The key advantages of Portugal Golden Visa are eligibility for Portugal citizenship and passport, visa-free travel to European Union and Schengen Area, affordable investments in rental properties, tax advantages and family eligibility. The program has been successful due to flexible eligibility requirements and the range of benefits it provides.

Golden Visa Portugal, also called the residence permit for investment activity (ARI), is for non-European Union citizens. The old European country with a rich cultural heritage offers a beautiful landscape, a broad coastline, bright sunshine, delicious cuisine, and hospitability from people. It provides quality living at affordable rates.

These qualities make Portugal a popular destination for investors worldwide and obtain the right to live, work, and study there with required investment and meeting eligibility norms.

Portugal Golden Visa Benefits

The Portuguese Golden Visa is globally regarded as one of the most affordable and appealing international visa programs. The processing time is also fast and can take four months of processing after investment and submission of the application. Portugal Golden Visa Benefits include:

  • Qualifying for Portugal residency by investing a minimum of EUR 280,000 in real estate is one of the lowest investment requirements for a Golden Visa in Europe.
  • It is the fastest and most popular way to acquire a permanent residence permit or citizenship in Portugal. The Golden Visa requires only a five-year wait to apply for full residency or citizenship.
  • Staying in Portugal for a long is optional to keep the residence permit. Seven days of stay per year will suffice.
  • Portugal allows dual citizenship without any additional requirements. However, the applicant must first check whether their country of origin allows double citizenship.
  • The country has political stability and offers a safe and secure stay.

Portugal Golden Visa Advantages

Portugal offers affordable living costs in Western Europe without compromising the quality of life. You can avail of low prices for food, education, healthcare, social activities and leisure. Portugal is regarded as among the best destinations for expats and ranks consistently high on international surveys. On the Expat Insider 2022 survey, Portugal is fourth in the top 10 expat destinations. Lisbon is also positioned as four among the Top cities for expats. Top Portugal Golden Visa Advantages are listed below:

Tax benefits: Portugal Golden Visa offers attractive tax benefits via Non-Habitual Residency Program. There is no minimum stay requirement for the applicant to take the help of this program.

Family advantages: You can include family members/dependents on the primary applicant’s submission and are eligible for permanent residence or citizenship after 5 years. You and your spouse can work freely and across the Schengen region.

Travel benefits: You and your family can visit 26 countries within the Schengen region without needing additional visas. Once you become a Portuguese citizen, you get visa-free access to 188 countries.

Business advantages: The country offers ease of business, and business travel is more straightforward when working with any European country than living on another continent or across oceans.

Healthcare benefits: The golden visa holder and family members will qualify for coverage through the country’s healthcare system after spending 183 days per year in the country. After obtaining PR / citizenship, they will have access to free healthcare.

Educational advantages: The education system in Portugal is well-developed and offers families a variety of schools and universities to choose from. Public and local schools offer free education, while international private schools have specific fees.

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