How Does Portugal Golden Visa Work?

The Portugal Golden Visa Program works on a qualified investment made in Portugal and its maintenance for five years to become a permanent resident or citizen of Portugal. You must fulfil legal requirements and provide documents to get the visa without hassles.

The main goal of the Portugal government was to attract more capital into the country through this scheme to boost the economy. Golden visa for Portugal has proved to be a successful program raising over €6 billion.

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How Do I get a golden visa for Portugal?

International investors see Portugal as a rare opportunity to get European Union residence and a preferred destination to invest in a second passport. With flexible investment options, clear eligibility criteria and a smooth path to citizenship – the Golden Visa scheme are one of the most affordable and appealing citizenship-by-investment visa programs across the globe.

Check Eligibility

To qualify for the Golden Visa program, an individual must be 18 years old with no criminal record inside or outside Portugal. The applicant should not be a citizen of Portugal, Switzerland, the European Union or European Economic Area and acquire Portuguese citizenship. In addition, the applicant must contribute to the Portuguese economy through one of the investment options available. Golden Visa applications can also include all eligible family members and dependents.

Decide on Investment

An applicant needs to get a Portuguese Fiscal Number (NIF) to open a bank account for genuine investment. The investment options in Portugal must be evaluated and decide which investment you will move forward with. Real Estate investment is the most popular source of investment, as 90 per cent of applications for Portugal golden visa work this way. Capital Investment, Job Creation and Donation are the other investment options available. Consulting a local lawyer is vital in those two phases. With a lawyer’s help, you can get NIF and decide on an investment.

Application Process

The application process starts with gathering all the required documents from the country of origin and getting them translated into Portuguese. The lawyer will come in handy again in gathering all the documentation from Portugal and submitting the application for Portugal golden visa to citizenship. Pay the processing fee and await approval from the Portuguese Immigration and Border Service (SEF).

You can do all the above steps remotely with the help of a registered lawyer in Portugal. However, for the biometrics appointment, you must travel to Portugal. Provide the originals of the documents submitted with the application and wait for final approval to get your residence card.

The program only requires a minimum of seven days stay in the country every year, which can also count towards eligibility for citizenship after five years.

DM works with registered Citizenship by Investment consultants in Portugal that can guide you in choosing the suitable investment options, help you with application and documentation and represent your case legally to make your journey easier for Portugal Golden Visa to Citizenship.

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