How do I Get a Golden Visa for Portugal from UAE

Portugal Golden Visa is one of Europe’s most popular golden visa programs. However, the actual investment involves extra government charges, and invested money in funds remains tied up for five years. With Portugal Golden Visa new rules last year limiting real estate investments to low-density areas and top cities like Lisbon and Porto no longer qualifying for Golden Visa, the program had created doubts for continued success. But the country offers an easy route to citizenship and a safe, secure, and high standard of living. The investors continue to prefer it after analysing all the aspects, and the internal areas of the Azores and Madeira are also viable investment options.

Is Portugal golden visa worth it?

Yes, many advantages associated with the Portugal Golden Visa program make it a top destination for investors. It offers residency in return for a minimum real estate investment of EUR 280,000 in low-density areas. The candidate only needs to spend an average of 7 days per year in Portugal in the first two years before renewal. Portugal Golden Visa applicants can apply for both permanent residency and citizenship after living in Portugal for just five years, which is a much shorter timeframe than in other European countries. It gives easy access to the Portuguese healthcare system, the ability to apply for the Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) tax regime, and travel more easily within the borderless Schengen Area.

How Do I Get a Golden Visa for Portugal from UAE?

Non-European residents and citizens in the UAE must apply for a Portugal Golden Visa and avail of benefits before eventually applying for citizenship.

You can complete the Portugal Golden Visa application and renewal process with the help of an expert lawyer or professional consultancy. The residence visa application for Portugal involves many requirements, including investments and fees that only experts can perform.

Investment selection

Portugal Golden Visa offers many investment options to complete eligibility. Property investment is the popular choice, but it can take a couple of months or more to select and complete.


Arrange all the documents after finalising an investment package. Preparing all documents for your application can take a couple of months or more. Multiple copies require official certification. In addition, you must translate all documentation into Portuguese before submitting your application.

Open a Bank Account

Get NIF (tax number) and open a bank account to transfer funds. It is recommended that you hire a lawyer or reputable company for this step if you plan on being outside Portugal for the meetings required to obtain your tax number and bank account.

Finalise Investment

You must finalise the investment option to submit your application for Portugal residency. The funds required to invest must be transferred from the applicant’s bank account in the native country to the fresh bank account opened in Portugal to complete the investment. You can require a lawyer to facilitate the transaction.

Apply through SEF

After arranging and translating all documentation into Portuguese, getting your tax number, opening and transferring the amount into your bank account, and making your investment, you are ready for the Portugal Golden Visa application submission. The application is submitted online on the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) portal.

Book an Interview

After applying successfully, you can set up an appointment for an in-person interview. The authorities will collect Biometric data during your interview as a requirement to obtain the Golden Visa. This screening involves taking your photograph, fingerprinting, and your signature.

Obtain approval

Once processed successfully and approved, the candidate must pay a fee of EUR 5,325. After around ten days, a residence permit card, valid for two years, will be issued.

Application Renewal

You will need to reapply for another three years after the initial residence permit card expires. Biometrics data, character certificate and processing fees for application will again be EUR 533 for the first applicant and EUR 84 for the dependent applications. The per-applicant price for renewal is EUR 2,663.

These are the steps for responding to the question .. How do I get a golden visa for Portugal? After your fifth year, you will be permitted to apply for permanent residency or citizenship. You may choose which you would prefer. All application, permanent, and renewal requirements are valid for the primary candidates and their family members.

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