Greece vs Portugal Golden Visa 2024 Comparison

Golden Visa is an immigration program in European countries that offers high-net-worth individuals from non-European countries a residence permit in return for a qualified investment. The investment can be made in real estate or authorised funds, bonds and shares. EU Golden Visas are usually temporary permits for residence, which are eligible for renewal if you maintain the investment.

There can be no requirement to stay in an EU state to renew your residence card. However, to acquire a PR or citizenship, most States in the Schengen area will need actual residency. The famous EU Member States that issue Golden Visas or investment programs include Greece and Portugal.

Golden visa Greece vs Portugal

Have you planned to invest in Europe through the golden visa problem but are still choosing between the Golden visa Greece vs Portugal programs? These famous European countries have appealing golden visa programs which authorise the resident permit holder to stay, set up business in the country, and avail of advanced education and healthcare systems.

There are similarities between Greece’s and Portugal’s golden visa programs. The Mediterranean countries are tourist places with temperate weather, beautiful beaches, rich culture, delicious food, and low living costs. Both these countries grant many investment options for non-EU citizens applicants and their families to get a European Union residency after few months.

Both programs through the opportunity to get an EU passport.

Cheap way to EU citizenship – Greece

Greece Golden visa program needs a minimum of 250K euros on real estate in Greece, which will be changed to 500K euros in many municipalities after April 30, 2023. The current investment is the cheapest in Europe and enough for a Greek residence visa qualification for the primary applicant and dependents. There is also no requirement to spend any time in Greece, and you can apply for citizenship after seven years. The application time is around 1-2 months, and the passport is ranked 4th in the world, allowing easy travel to 172 countries, including the Schengen zone. Income tax begins at a rate of 22%. You can only work if you set up your own business. Family is eligible.

Easy and speedy path to EU citizenship – Portugal

The Portugal Golden Visa Program needs applicants to invest a minimum of 280K euros in real estate in interior areas and low-density regions of Portugal. The process for temporary residence is simple and after five years makes an applicant eligible for Portuguese citizenship. You must spend an average of seven days in the first year and 14 days every two years after. The application time is around 1-2 months, and the passport is ranked 3rd in the world, allowing easy travel to 173 countries, including the Schengen zone. NHR Tax Regime provides tax exemption for up to 10 years. There is no restriction to work. Family is eligible.

We at DM Citizenship by Investment can give you a detailed break up of Greece vs Portugal Golden Visa 2023 Comparison to help you choose your investment destination per your requirements. We work with European legal experts to help you with the investment and application process.

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