Greece Golden Visa Program

Cheaper and Easier Greece Golden Visa Program

Greece issues residence permit cards to third-country citizens and members of their families, who buy Greek property in real estate, the value of which exceeds EUR 250,000. The popular Program was introduced in 2013 and is open to all non-European Union citizens and their members of family to seek Greek permanent residence, which can be renewed after five years. It offers cheaper and easier path to residence and citizenship of the country.

Non-EU nationals who invest in one of the Greece Golden Visa Program options can apply for residency through a genuine representative without requiring to visit the Balkan country in Europe. The representative’s power of attorney must be signed before a consular authority in Greece. The investor, however, must travel to Greece to submit biometric data in person within a year of confirmation of the application receipt.

Citizenship by Investment Program authorises you to acquire Residency by Investment in Greece from the UAE. There is no binding on the applicant to live in Greece for a specific time to qualify for the residence permit or its renewal.

How does Greece Golden Visa Work?

The Greece Golden Visa holder can live freely and launch a business but is not authorized to work in the country. Below are the Greece Golden Visa Program investment requirements.

  • Investment in real estate for a minimum of EUR 250,000 and applicable charges and taxes.
  • Signed agreement of Lease with a tourist entity or hotel for 10 years.
  • Investment of at least EUR 400,000 capital in a Greek-licensed company.
  • Investment of funds in governmental bonds of at least EUR 400,000.
  • Investment of EUR 400,000 in bonds or shares of investment companies in real estate.

There are applicable government charges like processing fees, property purchase expenses, and the Residency permit card, which are about 8% of the total cost. Property tax is 3.09% on a new purchase or VAT 24% according to different parameters.

Additional requirements

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Character certificate from Police proving no criminal record
  • Comprehensive health insurance coverage from a company in Greece

Invest now 

Golden Visa Greece is one of the cheap golden visa programs in Europe and provides a quality lifestyle, business opportunities, dual citizenship, family inclusion and more. Through Greek citizenship by investment, a candidate and dependents can travel visa-free around all other Europe’s Schengen zone.

The program has seen more interest from investors as, from 1st May 2023, foreigners purchasing in 36 municipalities will have to double their investment of EUR 500,000 to qualify for the Greece Golden Visa programme. The rest of the country will maintain the minimum value of EUR 250,000.

DM Citizenship by Investment consultants has helped many families search for the ideal investment property in Greece and Europe and get their Golden Visa processed through expert management. Book a FREE session to learn about how will Greece Golden Visa Work, its eligibility requirements, investment options, and all the other details about the golden visa program to begin the application process.

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