Get Eligible for Second Passport Through Portugal Golden Visa Program

Portugal Golden Visa has become one of the most popular programs in Europe. Despite some tweaks in the last couple of years and a brief stoppage of the program post-pandemic effect, it remains the most sought option among investors worldwide. The program is live again and kicking. To qualify for the program, it offers easy investment options in real estate, equity funds, capital transfer, and job creation. Its minimum investment requirements are appealing, and the process is simple.

The residency by investment program leads to permanent residence and citizenship. The applicant now gets a two-year residence permit and can renew it subsequently until the fifth year. After five years, the applicant and dependents can apply for permanent residence and second citizenship.

Once you have Portugal Golden Visa Passport, you and your family will be exposed to quality education, affordable healthcare facilities, visa-free travel to Schengen and other European countries, delicious cuisine and drinks, rich culture, mild climate, high level of security leading to a high quality of life. International investors see Portugal as a golden opportunity to get European Union residence and a favourable destination to invest in a second passport.

The program is for non-European Union nationals who make qualified investments in mainly low-density areas of the country to boost the economy. The residence permit through investment gives the right to live, work, and study in Portugal. Portugal Golden Visa Program started in October 2012. and since then, around 11,535 applicants have received approvals from the Portugal government till December 2022 for pursuing investment activities in the country. Through this program, EUR 6 billion of global funds have been invested in Portugal so far.

Portugal Golden Visa Process

The application process for Golden Visa Portugal is straightforward. The country offers flexibility in investment options, simple eligibility criteria and a smooth path to citizenship to make this citizenship-by-investment visa program popular across the globe.

To get eligible for the golden visa program in Portugal, a person must be a non-European national, at least 18 years old, with no criminal record and make a significant investment in the country. Golden Visa applications can also include dependents in the application. After choosing an investment option, a person needs a bank account to transfer the funds from their native country, and a tax number (NIF) is mandatory to open a bank account.

Gather all the necessary documents, translate them into Portuguese, pay the processing fee and await a decision from the Portuguese Immigration and Border Service (SEF).

All these steps for Portugal Golden Visa Process can be done remotely with the help of a registered lawyer in Portugal. However, for the biometrics appointment, you must travel to Portugal.

DM Citizenship by Investment consultants works with registered lawyers and experts that can guide you in choosing suitable investment options, help you with application and documentation and represent your case legally to make your journey easier for Portugal Golden Visa to Citizenship.

Portugal Golden Visa Requirements

The program only requires a minimum of seven days stay in the country every year, which can also count towards eligibility for citizenship after five years. The qualification is through a minimum investment of EUR 280 thousand in real estate and EUR 250 thousand in Capital Investment.

As per new changes in the program, investors should make real estate investments in low-density areas within Portugal. The properties must be in the Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira or the interior territories.

The following are the options for investment available to the candidates.

  • Purchase a property worth at least EUR 500 thousand or EUR 400 thousand in a low-density area.
  • Invest EUR 350 thousand in a property in a Portuguese urban regeneration area or EUR 280,000 in a low-density area.
  • Invest a minimum of EUR 350,000 in an ongoing Portuguese business (for a minimum of 3 years or a certified private equity fund or ventured capital fund.
  • Transfer the capital of EUR 1.5 million to a bank account in Portugal.
  • Contribute at least EUR 250 thousand to conserve national heritage or support artistic production in Portugal. A minimum contribution of EUR 350 thousand to a research and development institution is part of Portugal’s national scientific or technological system.
  • Creation of ten full-time jobs. The qualification may be lower to eight permanent occupations in low-density areas.

DM consultants keep you up-to-date with the latest changes in the Portugal Golden Visa program, help you select the best investment options, and secure your Portugal Golden Visa.

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