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    Country overview

    Officially known as the Republic of Turkey, is a transcontinental nation that acts as a bridge between Asia and Europe. As one of the most visited countries in the world, Turkey is known across the world as a historic, culturally rich, beautiful country. The country is governed by a parliamentary democracy and is key member of several international organizations including the NATO, OECD, OSCE, EEC, ECO, OIC, and more. Turkey ranks amongst the largest economies in the world and has exponentially grown in terms of market growth over the last decade.

    About the Country in Numbers

    Arguably Turkey’s most iconic city – Istanbul geographically lies in two continents – Asia & Europe. While Istanbul is known across the world, the capital of the country is another city named as Ankara. While Turkish is the official language, there are more than 30+ ethnic languages in the country.

    84 millionPopulation

    EconomyMixed Economy

    Turkish LiraCurrency

    GMT+3Time Zone


    About Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program

    Like most countries that initiate a Citizenship by Investment program, Turkey launched its investor immigration program in 2018 to attract foreign investment and provide stimulus to its otherwise unperforming real estate sector. The program offers high-net-worth individuals an opportunity to gain citizenship and passport from Turkey by either making an investment in a real estate property or real estate trust. Apart from the real investment options, applicants can also secure a Turkish citizenship by depositing an amount no less than USD 500,000 in a Turkish Bank Account. In just a short time frame, the program has become one of the most sought second citizenship programs due to the reasonable investment requirements and higher rental returns.

    With a Turkish passport in hand investors can travel to as many as 110 countries without a visa, including Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan. Perhaps the biggest benefit of choosing Turkey’s Citizenship by Investment program is that the country has signed a treaty with the US for both the E-1 and E-2 visa programs. Turkish passport holders also have the right to stay and work in the UK provided they either start their own business in the country or secure a job at a UK based company. Additionally for Turkish citizens the route to securing Schengen Visa is easy. At DM Citizenship by Investment, we seek to help high-net-worth individuals from across the world secure a Turkish citizenship through their second citizenship program. To know more about the program or to schedule a consultation with immigration consultants, send us an inquiry today!

    Program Highlights

    • Investment

      Minimum Investment Required (Real Estate Investment) is USD 250,000.

    • Passport Issuance Time

      From initial application to passport issuance the normal timeframe is 4-6 months.

    • Mobility

      Travel without any visa restrictions to more than 110+ countries.

    • Dependents

      The applicant can add his/her spouse and children less than 18yrs of age.

    Benefits of Turkey Citizenship by Investment

    The lowest investment option available to acquire a Turkish Investment citizenship and passport is to buy a property in the country worth atleast USD 250,000. No permits are required to make such a property purchase.

    • Visa-free travel to 110+ countries including Japan, EU, and Singapore.
    • Ability to apply for an E2 Investor Visa.
    • Dual Citizenship is Permitted.
    • No Language or Residency Requirement
    • Access to better quality of life.
    • Ability to migrate to UK on a business visa.

    Turkey Investment Options

    • Bank Deposit

      Minimum Investment: $500,000

      Through the bank deposit option, the investor is required to deposit a sum of USD 500,000 or more in a Turkish bank account. The investor can earn money in the form of interest from their deposit.

    • Real Estate Investment

      Minimum Investment: $250,000

      The investor here is required to purchase a government approved real estate property having a worth of more than USD 250,000. Investors are to free to invest this sum in multiple properties but the timeframe between the transactions should not be more than two months.

    • Real Estate Trusts

      Minimum Investment: $500,000

      The investors here are required to purchase shares in real estate or venture capital investment funds. Additionally, the applicant is required to preserve this investment for a minimum of three years.

    Turkey Citizenship by Investment Process

    • Prequalification Check

      Prior to officially submitting your application, the DM team will perform a preliminary check. This is done to understand the possible risks to your application getting approved and thereby find solutions for them.

    • Document Preparation

      Once, all possible risks have been identified and solved, we proceed to prepare the documents needed to officially submit the application to Turkey’s CIP unit.

    • Due Diligence Check

      Once we’ve checked, verified, and prepared the documents, we’ll submit your application to Turkey’s CIP unit. The concerned department will carry out a due diligence check to verify all the information listed in the investor’s application.

    • Approval of Application

      In most cases, the investor will receive the notification about his/her application if it is successful within a period of 90-120 days.

    • Fulfillment of the Investment Criterion

      Upon approval of the application and opening a bank account in the country, the investor is required to fulfill the investment condition.

    • Get the Passport

      Once the investment made been made and verified, the applicant along with his/her dependents shall receive their passports.


    You can add your spouse and children less than 18 years as your dependents in your application. The processing fee will vary based on the number of dependents you add.

    No, there is no mandatory requirement for the applicants to learn Turkish.

    The process of applying for turkey nationality by investment can be done by contacting the Turkish Government officials. The assigned citizenship consultant will explain the process to buy Turkish Citizenship and provide you with the complete procedure to get started.

    Most immigrants choose Turkey for migration as it provides favourable climatic conditions, affordable housing plans, and plenty of job opportunities with attractive wages. Overall, Turkey is good for immigration and to do investment in Turkey for citizenship.

    Turkey Citizenship by Investment is the easiest route to getting Turkish Citizenship. To be eligible for this investment program, you should make a minimum real estate investment of USD 250,000. After you invest in real estate properties, you are entitled to get your Turkish passport in less than 2 months.

    Once Turkish Citizenship is granted to you based on the investment, you can enjoy the privileges as same as Turkish Citizens by birth. You can work within Turkey without availing work permit.

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    We assists international clients in obtaining residence and citizenship under the respective programs.

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