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    Country overview

    Adorned by a superb coastline that stretches to over 95 miles, Antigua and Barbuda is one of the most beautiful Caribbean countries that’s known for its hospitality and perfect climate. Antigua is the larger of the two islands and hosts the country’s capital and largest city – St. John’s. The country is a preferred destination among couples and families and as such, tourism as an industry covers more than 60% of its GDP.

    About the Country in Numbers

    Antigua and Barbuda is actually a country composed of three islands, namely – Antigua, Barbuda, and the third one being – Redonda. The other smaller islands that make up the country includes Guiana Island, Bird Island, and Long Island.



    Eastern Caribbean DollarCurrency

    GMT-4Time Zone

    English & Antiguan CreoleLanguages

    About Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program

    Although the decision to implement a Citizenship by Investment program in the other was taken in 2012, the program only came into being in 2013, after the country’s Citizenship by Investment Act was passed in the parliament. The Act permits the government to operate the program under the strict criterions decided by parliament. Since its inception, the program has helped the country significantly improve on its infrastructure and economic conditions.

    The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Programme, to this today, remains the preferred Caribbean second citizenship amongst investors due to its passport having the reputation as the strongest in the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). Apart from the freedom to travel visa-free to countries such as India, Russia, Bolivia, and the UK, Antigua and Barbuda second passport holders are also exempt from property tax, income tax, and capital gains. The program also does not have any stringent residency requirement associated with it; the investor is only required to stay in the country for 5 days over a 5-year period. To know more about the program or book a consultation with our immigration advisors, contact us today!

    Program Highlights

    • Investment

      Minimum Investment Required (Contribution to NDF) is USD 100,000.

    • Passport Issuance Time

      From initial application to passport issuance the normal timeframe is 4-6 months.

    • Mobility

      Travel without any visa restrictions to more than 160+ countries.

    • Dependents

      The applicant can add his/her spouse, children less than 30yrs of age, and parents over the age of 55 as dependents in their application.

    Benefits of Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment

    Upon receiving the Antigua and Barbuda passport through the investor program, the applicants are required to spend at least 5 days in the country during the first 5 years period. This is mandatory and failure to do so will make the applicant ineligible to renew his/her passport.

    • Visa-free travel to 160+ countries including UK and the EU.
    • Dual Citizenship is Permitted
    • Citizenship Acquired is for Lifetime
    • Antigua and Barbuda citizens are entitled to select privileges in Commonwealth countries.
    • No restrictions on how long you can reside in the country.
    • No tax is levied on income generated from outside the country.

    Antigua and Barbuda Investment Options

    • Non-Refundable Contribution to NDF

      Minimum Investment: $100,000

      The National Development Fund (NDF) is a non-profit fund setup by the government of Antigua and Barbuda to secure funding for various government project and charitable investments. An investor can obtain citizenship by contributing USD 100,000 to the NDF. For families for 5 or more, the investment amount is USD 125,000.

    • Real Estate Investment

      Minimum Investment: $200,000

      To qualify under the Real Estate Investment route, the investor will need to invest in a government-approved real estate development within the country that is worth USD 400,000 or more. Additionally, the investor will need to guarantee that the investment will remain in place for a minimum period of 5 years.

    • Business Investment

      Minimum Investment: $400,000

      Similar to Real Estate Investment, with Business Investment, the applicant must invest a minimum of USD 1.5 million in a local business. Two or more applicants are welcome to make a joint investment under this route.

    Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Process

    • Prequalification Check

      Prior to officially submitting your application, the DM team will perform a preliminary check. This is done to understand the possible risks to your application getting approved and thereby find solutions for them.

    • Document Preparation

      Once, all possible risks have been identified and solved, we proceed to prepare the documents needed to officially submit the application to Antigua’s Citizenship by Investment Unit.

    • Due Diligence Check

      Once we’ve checked, verified, and prepared the documents, we’ll submit your application to the concerned government department in Antigua and Barbuda. The concerned department will carry out a due diligence check to verify all the information listed in the investor’s application. It is mandatory for the investor along with his/her dependents over the age of 12 to undergo such a due diligence check.

    • Approval of Application

      In most cases, the investor will receive the notification about his/her application if it is successful within a period of 30-45 days.

    • Fulfillment of the Investment

      Upon approval of the application, the investor is required to fulfill the investment condition.

    • Get the Passport

      Once the investment made been made and verified, the applicant along with his/her dependents shall receive their passports within 4-6 weeks.


    Antigua and Barbuda citizens need to take a Canada Tourist visa to enter Canada. The tourist visa will be usually issued for 180 days.

    As per the announcement declared on 2nd July 2019, Antigua and Barbuda passport holders can now enjoy visa-on-arrival access to 151 countries. And this ranks Antigua Passport in the 29th position in terms of travel freedom.

    • Valid passport
    • Current nationality identity cards
    • 8 passport sized photos
    • Certified copy of a birth certificate
    • Police Clearance certificate
    • Certified copy of New Name Change (if any)
    • Medical test (including HIV)

    Antigua and Barbuda passport benefits include:

    • Dual citizenship
    • Visa-free travel to 150 countries including the UK and European Countries
    • Lifetime citizenship
    • Hassle-free application process

    From initial application to passport issuance, the entire processing for Antigua and Barbuda residency takes 4 to 6 months. To apply for Antigua citizenship, contact the DM team.

    To qualify for Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment program, the applicants must fulfil the following criteria:

    • Excellent health condition
    • No criminal records
    • High net worth & assets
    • Reside with the family members for a minimum of 5 days within five years
    • Should have an outstanding character

    If you qualify with all these, contact our consultants today.

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    We assists international clients in obtaining residence and citizenship under the respective programs.

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