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    Country overview

    Montenegro has over 115 beaches and lakes that feature a warm Mediterranean climate and over 230 days of sunshine per year. Additionally, the country is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as Tara Canyon, Durmitor National Park, and Kotor Old Town. Being consistently ranked as the top tourist destination in the world, luxury tourism is still a significant industry and a source for the economic growth of a country, with Tivat and Porto Montenegro at its heart. This region is a perfect example of stunning natural beauty that draws attention. This well-known town has a beautiful marina, a posh yachting zone, and luxury real estate.

    More About the Country Economy

    The economic system of Montenegro is based on the selling of services more than products. According to the 2022 index, the economic freedom score of Montenegro score is 57.8 which is ranked as the 103rd freest economy in the world. Its economy is ranked 41st among 45 countries in the Europe region. The country is a member of the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA).

    About Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program

    The Government of Montenegro devised the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment program in 2019 as part of its continuous initiatives to attract foreign direct investment and boost economic growth in the nation. Moreover, the applicants are required to contribute to the economic advancement of the country.

    As a part of the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program, applicants must invest in a Montenegro development project that has been approved by its government. They must provide financial support to a fund established by the Montenegro government to promote underdeveloped areas. Thus, applicants and their families are given citizenship in return after proper screening and due diligence process, including background checks.

    Our dedicated team in Montenegro has deep knowledge of the country and decades of experience in helping our clients. In addition to helping clients with Montenegro Citizenship, we are also available to offer additional and personalized support that includes recommending various professionals. All applications for second citizenship in Montenegro must go through a licensed citizenship agency, such as DM Citizenship by Investment Consultants, as required by law. So, it is time to contact us directly to learn more about this program and know how we can assist in the submission of an application.

    Program Highlights

    • Investment

      A minimum of EUR 650,000 is required which includes the investment of EUR 450,000 and a donation of EUR 200,000 to the country. /p>

    • Passport Issuance Time

      From initial application submission to approval and passport issuance, the normal timeframe is 8 to 10 months.

    • Mobility

      Move throughout Montenegro and other countries in Europe’s Schengen Area without any visa restrictions.

    • Criteria

      Following conditions must be met before applying for Montenegro citizenship. The main applicant must be 18 years of age or older. He should not be an EU citizen. He must not have any past criminal record. He must be healthy and have a proven source of funding. Plus, he should pass rigorous government due diligence to qualify.

    Benefits of Montenegro Citizenship by Investment

    If you obtain second citizenship in Montenegro through the Citizenship by Investment program, you will receive a valid second passport. This is useful during times of political, economic, or financial instability in your country.

    • Visa-free travel and access to over 100 destinations including the Schengen area of Europe and more.
    • Dual citizenship is permitted.
    • Citizenship in any official EU candidate country.
    • Citizenship in a multinational and multilingual European community.
    • Enjoy a mild Mediterranean climate, beautiful scenery, and low living costs.
    • Citizenship in European Monetary Union, NATO Alliance, OSCE, and the WTO Member States.
    • Full citizenship is granted to the applicants and their family members.
    • Investing in development projects run by large organizations.

    Montenegro Investment Options

    • Non-Refundable Contribution to the Regional Development Fund

      Minimum Investment: $200,000

      Key applicants must make a non-refundable donation to the Sustainable Growth Fund established by the Government of Montenegro. It aims to support the development of northern Montenegro, with half of the donations and the other half being used as an innovation fund in Montenegro. This guarantees investment security and an economic boost for the country.

    • Real Estate Investment

      Minimum Investment: $450,000

      To obtain citizenship and its cheapest and most affordable passports through the real estate investment option, the applicant of the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment program needs to purchase a property in a government-approved real estate project by meeting the following criteria: EUR 450,000 investment in real estate on the coast of Montenegro or in the capital city of Podgorica.

    We will accompany the client throughout the application process. From initial checks to meeting and coordinating visits to Montenegro and assisting in property selection from passport delivery, we aim for a smooth and stress-free process.

    • Prequalification Check

      The DM team will perform a preliminary check before officially submitting the application. This step is performed to identify the potential risks of disapproving your application and thereby find a solution to address them. The applicant should add about a spouse, (can be of the same sex), children, and dependant adult children within the application.

    • Document Preparation

      Clients need to provide some supporting documentation such as certified copies of passports and ID cards, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and more. Once we have figured out all possible risks and solved them then we proceed towards the preparation of the documents. The documentation process requires the necessary documentation to be issued before the application is formally submitted to Montenegro citizenship by the investment unit.

    • Due Diligence Check

      Once the documents provided have been checked and verified, submit an application to Montenegro Citizenship for each investment unit. The relevant departments will carry out due diligence to ensure that all information contained in the investor’s application is genuine. Investors over the age of 16 and their dependents must undergo due diligence.

    • Approval of Application

      Investors are usually notified within 90 days of the success or failure of their application.

    • Fulfillment of the Investment Criteria

      The investor must meet all the investment conditions after the approval of the application.

    • Issuance of the Passport

      The Montenegro passport ranks 45th on the Henley Passport Index. these cheapest and most affordable passports enable its bearers to have visa-free access to 123 destinations. Once the investment has been made and validated according to the criteria, the applicant will receive a passport along with their dependents.

    • Requirements for Montenegrin Citizenship by Investment

      To be eligible for the Montenegrin Citizenship by Investment Program, the principal applicant ought to be over 18 years of age, meet all the application requirements, and make qualifying contributions to the Government of Montenegro. The investor has two options to pick from and be eligible for the program.

      These are as mentioned below:

      • An investment of EUR 450,000 to growth initiatives within the capital of Podgorica or in the coastal regions
      • An investment of EUR 250,000 to growth initiatives in northern or dominant Montenegro, except for Podgorica

    Moreover, there is a government authority fee of EUR 200,000 per application. This donation is used partly as a special fund for the development of underdeveloped areas and the Innovation Fund of Montenegro.

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    We assists international clients in obtaining residence and citizenship under the respective programs.

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