Canada Owner Operator Work Permits

Highlights of the Canada Owner Operator Program

Canada owner Operator visa is for entrepreneurs who wish to set up their business or buy a new business in Canada. Moreover, this federal program focuses more on athletes and performers. Those entrepreneurs enrolled under this startup visa program must join as a partner and work with any industry-relevant organizations in Canada.

If the federal program doesn’t match the requirements, the applicants can use the Owner Operator LMIA roadmap to start a business in Canada.

To be eligible to open a new business under Owner LMIA, the entrepreneur or foreign investor must establish that they have a controlling interest in starting a new business in Canada. Controlling interest can be established according to the guidelines mentioned below:

  • Actively participating in managing the company and its day-to-day operations (sole ownership)
  • Partnership business by holding a share of 50.1%
  • Official poll document stating that they own the majority interest

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Steps of Owner Operator LMIA Work Permit

The owner-operator work permit provides an easy route to becoming a permanent resident of Canada. The process involves are as follows:-

  • Buy an existing business in Canada or set up a new company based on your skills and experience.
  • Apply for the Owner-Operator LMIA
  • Start working for your business by availing work permit
  • Apply for a Canada Express Entry visa and became a Canada PR within a few years

How to Get Qualified for Canada Owner Operator Program?

Canada Owner Operator Work Permit is not available for all foreign entrepreneurs. To qualify for this federal program, you must comply with specific requirements and create job opportunities that contribute to Canada’s economic growth.

Being an entrepreneur, you must be highly skilled and have a good knack for setting up a successful business in Canada. First and foremost, you must create a business plan to execute in Canada and submit it for approval. The officials will go through your business plan, skills, and experience to assess whether you can fulfill the requirement of managing the business operations.

Next comes to LMIA assessment. Since you are entering Canada under the worker program, you will have to apply for an LMIA approval. You can proceed with your business operation as an owner-operator worker only if you get an LMIA approval. The assessment factors of Owner Operator LMIA vary depending on whether you are planning to buy an existing business or create a new business.

After LMIA approval, you can start working for your business under an owner-operator visa, just like other skilled workers. You can create a valid profile in Canada Express Entry to get started with your Canada PR. As you are owning a business in Canada, you will be awarded 200 points. So you will quickly receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada PR from the Federal Government.

How can DM Citizenship by Investment Help you with Owner-Operator Visa?

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  • We can help prepare documentation for applying for the LMIA application & get it approved without hassles.
  • Our experts can walk with you to ensure you are granted the Owner Operator LMIA Work Permit.
  • Finally, we can support you in submitting your application for Canada PR and will do everything from our end to secure a Canada PR for you.

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No! Your owner-operator work permit will be limited only within your company. And this means you are not entitled to work for other companies while owning your business.

While submitting your PR application, you will guarantee the IRCC that you will retain in the business for at least one year after getting a Canada PR. There are no specific limitations on selling your business after getting PR, but in some instances, it may be considered a breach of undertaking.

Canada offers a self-employed person program that allows you to immigrate to Canada permanently. To qualify for this, you should be interested in sports, athletics, or cultural performances and be eager to work in a better way to contribute to the welfare of Canada.

Canada offers a self-employed person program that allows you to immigrate to Canada permanently. To qualify for this, you should be interested in sports, athletics, or cultural performances and be eager to work in a better way to contribute to the welfare of Canada.

Approximately the processing time will be around 5 to 8 months, including the approval of the work permit application.

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