13 More Countries Added To The List For A Visa-Free Access To Canada – Check Your Eligibility Status

Canadian Minister of Immigration has recently declared an addition of 13 more countries to have visa-free access to Canada. Citizens of these countries can travel as per eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization).

3 Caribbean Nations also managed to secure a place on the list.

These selected Caribbean Nations are already known for various Citizenship programs for potential investors worldwide. People can either deposit a Non-refundable contribution to the Sustainable Growth Fund or get Citizenship by Investment in the country.

This new update in the visa-free travel list to Canada has made these places more beneficial for potential investors.

The official report further stated that citizens of these countries can benefit from eTA and travel without a visa if they fulfill one of the following things;

  • USA Non-Immigrant Visa
  • Canadian Visa (In the past 10 years)

Eligible applicants can apply to access eTA online. Once you apply online for the eTA, it usually takes a few minutes for the approval and will last valid for the next 5 years.

This update has made everything smooth and swift for eligible travelers to travel to Canada without any hesitation or restrictions, whether it’s your business trip or a personal trip with friends or family. The main benefit to Canada is a boost to its economy through these kinds of updates in the development. The travel & tourism and global trade sectors also benefit from such actions. Furthermore, it also impacts other significant factors, such as long-term ties among the countries.

The development of the Caribbean not only benefits Canada but is also beneficial for the investors in these Caribbean Islands since they can easily expand their business in Canada. This further benefits the CBI Programs as more and more potential clients will look forward to getting Citizenship by Investment for these listed Caribbean Islands.

If you want to apply for Citizenship by Investment in any of these Caribbean islands, make sure you contact our team for a free eligibility check and get started with the process.

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