Canada Intra Company Transfers – ICT

What is Canada ICT visa?

Canada’s Intra Company Transfer (ICT) program is designed for international business owners who plan to expand their existing operations to Canada.

It is a pathway for immigration under the International Mobility Program that permits proficient overseas business owners to relocate their businesses to Canada and avail of a work permit and eventually Canada permanent residence. The applicant’s children and spouse can also earn a study visa and an open work permit, respectively, in most cases.

The intra company category temporarily allows overseas companies to transfer qualified employees to Canada to improve management effectiveness, expand exports, and strengthen competition in foreign markets.
Canada ICT Visa can be a pathway for skilled international professionals to work in Canada under an affiliated company. To be eligible for this visa, the candidate must have worked in the company for at least one year in a managerial role or should have the latest knowledge of the products or services the business offers.

Benefits of Canada Intra Company Transfer Permits

One of the main benefits of a Canada ICT work permit is that employers are not required to get LMIA approval to hire overseas workers.

Processing time is faster compared to other work permits.

The ICT work permit usually is valid for seven years for senior managers and executives and five years of skilled professional workers. In comparison, standard work permits are proper for just four years.

Compared to other PNP programs, the Canada ICT work permit application process is more straightforward, as the applicant needs to show only proof of the relationship with the parent company to get the process started.

It is the most accessible pathway for skilled workers to apply for a Canadian permanent residency.

The chances of getting Canada residence by investment program will increase for a skilled professional while working with a Canadian employee with an original intra company work permit. Canadian work experience is a bonus in Canada’s point-based immigration system CRS, and having more experience in a Canadian company results in the highest Comprehensive Ranking System score.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Live and do business in Canada
  • Bring your family with you
  • Free Education for Children in Canadian Public Schools
  • No minimum investment required
  • No physical presence required
  • Option to transfer key employees from the primary company
  • No LMIA necessary approval to hire overseas workers
  • Speedy Process
  • Options to stay permanently

Who is Eligible for Intra Company Transfer Permits?

There are three categories of skilled foreign workers who can become eligible to apply for this program.

  • Experienced entrepreneurs and business owners. Shareholders who hold executive positions in the company plan to do the same job for the company in Canada.
  • Senior managers and functional managers who work in an overseas company and plan to perform a similar role in Canada are also eligible.
  • Key employees of a successful business organisation who have unique and advanced knowledge can also apply for this visa.

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Requirements for Intra Company Transfer Permits?

Foreigners eligible for ICT permits occupy one of the above three positions. Entrepreneurs who own successful businesses in their native countries can apply for the Canada ICT work permit to expand their business. To proceed with the application for intra company transfer, applicants must comply with the following requirements:

  • The home company must be operational for a minimum of one year before expanding to Canada.
  • The home company must be financially stable and capable of supporting foreign operations in Canada.
  • The applicant seeking an ICT Work Permit must have been engaged with the company at home for a minimum of one year in the past three years before the immigration application.
  • The company at home must be related to the new company in Canada as a parent, affiliate or subsidiary company
  • Canadian operations will be an operational enterprise, resulting in job creation for Canadians.

For employees to be eligible for this visa

  • Must have worked for a foreign company as a full-time employer for a minimum of 1 year
  • Served the position of managerial level or highly skilled in a specific job
  • Should be offered an appointment with a branch affiliated with the Canadian Government

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Documents Required for Canada Intra Company Transfer Permits

You will need the following documents if you apply for this visa.

  • Evidence stating that you are the current employee of the company that wishes to transfer you to their branch in Canada
  • Experience letter stating that you are working with them as a full-time employer
  • Statement letter that explains your current role in the company, your job description, and your specific skills
  • Valid job offer to work in Canada
  • Intended period of stay in Canada
  • Certificate of particular skills and knowledge
  • Valid passport copy and educational certificate assessment
  • Business License of Parent Company
  • Financial Statements – ICT
  • ICT Business Plan
  • Police Certificate

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Application process for Canada ICT Work Permit?

If you are applying for a Canada ICT work permit, you need to follow the following steps for investment migration to Canada.

  • Get your company registered in Canada as a parent, affiliate or subsidiary of your home company.
  • Prepare a proper business plan for a profitable operation in Canada. The plan should include hiring and cash flow projections for at least 2-3 years following the industry standards.
  • Assemble all the necessary documents (like bank statements, proof of investment funds, articles of incorporation, etc.) and prepare your work permit application
  • Apply for the work permit and wait for the authority’s decision.

The process varies according to the applicant’s nationality. Some countries benefit from having agreements with Canada, which allows their citizens a more lenient immigration journey under the ICT.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Canada ICT Visa

The application process and the processing time for the Canada ICT visa program may take around three to four months. However, the period may vary depending on your applying country. The authorities will process your application in two weeks if you're applying for ICT from any of the visa-exempted countries.
Under the Intra-Company transfer program, foreign workers must fall into one of three defined categories (executive, senior manager, and worker with specialized knowledge).
Employers bringing international staff to Canada as intra-company transferees are exempted from the obligations to acquire an LMIA. For this reason, the process can be much quicker, simpler, and more cost-effective than the LMIA route.
No, Intra-company transferees in Canada must work for the employer mentioned in their work permit visa. They are not permitted to enter the Canadian labour market without getting a favourable LMIA ruling to work for another employer in Canada. It is not an open work permit.
No Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is not required. Qualified intra-company transferees need work permits and are exempted from LMIA as they provide a notable economic boost to the country by transferring their expertise to businesses.
The maximum period of stay as a Canada ICT Visa holder is for a maximum of five years in any six years if the salary is less than £73,900 a year, or full nine years in any ten years if the wage is £73,900 a year or more.
Intra-company transfer workers are often in a solid position to become permanent residents of Canada and work in any location within Canada. After a specific time, an ICT can enter Canada's Express Entry immigration selection system through the federal government's Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program.

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