Canada Intra Company Transfers - ICT

What is Canada ICT?

Canada Intra-Company Transfer work permit or Canada ICT Visa is the pathway for skilled workers to work in Canada under an affiliated company. To be eligible for this, the worker must have worked in the company for at least one year in the position of either managerial role, or they should have advanced knowledge of the specific services or products that the business offers.

One of the main benefits of this intra-transfer permit is that there is no need for employers to get approval from LMIA to hire foreign workers. The validity of an ICT work permit is seven years for senior managers and executives and five years of skilled workers.

Working under a Canadian employee with a valid intra-company work permit can increase the chance for the skilled worker to get a Canada PR, as work experience in Canada is considered the plus point in Canada’s point-based immigration system. Having more years of experience in a Canadian company results in the highest CRS score.

Benefits of Canada Intra-Company Transfer Permits

  • ICT work permits are granted with a validity of 5 to 7 years, while standard work permits are valid for just four years.
  • Processing time is much faster compared to other work permits, as there is no need for LMIA approval.
  • Easiest pathway for skilled workers to apply for a Canada permanent residency
  • Compared to other PNP programs, the Canada ICT work permit application process is more straightforward, as the applicant needs to show only proof of the relationship with the parent company to get the process started.

Who is Eligible for Intra-Company Transfer Permits?

To proceed with the application for intra-company transfer, applicants must comply with the following requirements:

  • He/she have worked for a foreign company as a full-time employer for a minimum of 1 year
  • Served the position of managerial level, or highly skilled in a specific job
  • He/she should be offered a position with a branch affiliated with the Canadian Government

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Documents Required for Canada Intra-Company Transfer Permits

  • Evidence stating that you are the current employee of the company that wishes to transfer you to their branch in Canada
  • Experience letter stating that you are working with them as a full-time employer
  • Statement letter that explains your current role in the company, your job description, and your specific skills
  • Valid job offer to work in Canada
  • Intended period of stay in Canada
  • Certificate of specific skills and knowledge
  • Valid passport copy and educational certificate assessment

What is the Processing Time for Canada ICT Permit?

The application process and the processing time for the Canada ICT visa program may take around three to four months. However, the period may vary depending on your applying country. If you’re applying for ICT from any of the visa-exempted countries, your application will be processed in two weeks.

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Yes, you can! Working & residing in Canada can increase your chance of availing of Canada PR.

Yes, you can! But as long as your work permit and visa are valid.

No! If you wish to switch jobs or change your current employer in Canada, you must apply for a new work permit.

No! Transferring qualified and skilled transferees from your main office to the subsidiary office in Canada doesn’t require LMIA.

Yes! You can accompany your spouse and children under the intra-company permit. Your spouse will be granted an open permit to work in Canada and a study permit for your children to continue their studies in Canada.

The applicants who meet all the eligibility criteria will be moved to Canada with a work permit valid for five or seven years. After completing one year of residence in Canada with relevant work experience under a Canadian employer, the candidate will be eligible to get an additional score of 50 to 200 under the Canada Express Entry profile. And this will increase your chance of securing Canada PR.

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